- Nov 18 2020

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Clues Answers
''It was someone else'' NOTI
''Shut your trap!'' ZIPIT
''Thou __ not steal'' SHALT
''Truly!'' NOLIE
8 Down solos ARIAS
8 Down, for one OPERA
Acting job ROLE
Ahead of the due date EARLY
Aladdin's benefactor GENIE
Apple computer MAC
Artistic category GENRE
Author Angelou MAYA
Back-to-zero button RESET
Bear on a sky map URSA
Black-and-white marine mammal ORCA
Cartoon scream EEK
Caterpillar, to biologists LARVA
Cupid alias EROS
Dinner, for one MEAL
Do unpleasant interactions PLAYTHEHEAVY
Double curves ESSES
Earn through good work MERIT
Emphatic Spanish affirmation SISI
Extremely reliable ROCKSOLID
Fencing sword EPEE
From Dublin IRISH
German car AUDI
Get well HEAL
Gray-brown stocking shade TAUPE
Halloween greeting BOO
Happen again RECUR
Have unpaid bills OWE
Hit head-on RAM
Hockey score GOAL
Important era EPOCH
Insignificant MERE
Legally obligated LIABLE
Links org. for women LPGA
Lyft competitor UBER
Clues Answers
Mattress selection EXTRAFIRM
Metric wt. measures KGS
Minor argument SPAT
Mix with a spoon STIR
Monarch's seat THRONE
Musical set in Argentina EVITA
Nanny goat's offspring KID
Narrow waterway STRAIT
Nothing at all NIL
Pegs used by the 12 Down TEES
Persevering through difficulty HANGINGTOUGH
Pickling liquid BRINE
Post-OR area ICU
Prefix for dynamic AERO
Sacred HOLY
Salon creation HAIRDO
Santa's burden TOYS
Similarly ALIKE
Sleep outdoors in a tent CAMP
Social media posts TWEETS
Stare intently GAZE
State east of Indiana OHIO
Still sealed UNOPEN
Sub tracker SONAR
Sunday singing group CHOIR
Take a break REST
That ''green'' feeling ENVY
That ship SHE
Thumbs-up votes YEAS
Time spent at a hotel STAY
Tina of comedy FEY
Tiny bites NIPS
Tiny terrier, for short YORKIE
Trade show, for short EXPO
TV awards EMMYS
Verdi work set in Egypt AIDA
Virginia's Blue __ Mountains RIDGE
Warning signals ALERTS
Yale students ELIS