The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,542 - Nov 17 2020

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Clues Answers
A boy held back by legion in Asian city MANDALAY
Air entering vent unexpectedly TUNE
Article concealed by moss in higgledy-piggledy piles MANSIONS
Bananas for example about right for meal BRUNCH
Broadcast covering big deal! SOWHAT
Can piece with sound of triangle attract? RINGPULL
Device with teeth on the scene of battle COMBAT
Faith provided in hindsight, left in God's embrace FIDELITY
Felon needing strength to lift lady CONTESSA
Find attractive groom, person for social occasion FANCYDRESSPARTY
Gallant airman, too reckless INAMORATO
Head shaved in plain green VERT
Infinite love in large amounts ending in happiness BOUNDLESS
Just novel ultimately penned by English author HARDLY
Little bit sweet TRIFLE
Clues Answers
Meat: slice trimmed on top LIVER
Minding language, bore opening up more DILATING
Now shift clue I see upwards HOPIT
Peculiar issue after end of finger stuck in ring PERSONAL
Reasonable charge for offence FINE
Series of messages, half of them looked at THREAD
Shoddy work from tough old bird in support of corporation POTBOILER
Switch e.g. today's date GOSTEADY
Touch support over shoulder holding dress up SPRINKLING
Unrealistic plastic doll in use captivating leader in America DELUSIONAL
Void, top mark struck from book ANNUL
Waterproof material quantum physicist found in lake TARPAULIN
Without opening, seize file RASP
Work on putting essay right and using headings OPERA