Family Time - Nov 16 2020

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Clues Answers
0.5 fl. oz TBSP
1920s weapon nickname (2 words) TOMMYGUN
200-yard dash, for one RACE
Accelerate an engine REV
Activity that deviates from a norm or standard VARIATION
Add days to one's life AGE
Alternative to a chestnut horse ROAN
Bladed tool for water travel OAR
Carpentry fastener NAIL
Cathedral city of England ELY
Cheese companion, in a meal MACARONI
Dove cry COO
Elevator alternative ESCALATOR
Email attachment, sometimes PIC
Etching agent that burns ACID
Exploding star NOVA
Extinct New Zealand bird MOA
Faceoff with swords DUEL
Facts, in brief INFO
Final word, after "The" END
Flintstone's boss, Mr. ___ SLATE
Flows forth fiercely GUSHES
Fruit that doesn't sound pretty UGLI
Garfield is one CAT
Give off or send forth EMIT
Heavy coal weight TON
Horrible monster OGRE
Hunter's fur skin PELT
Identification means FINGERTIP
Infant BABE
Insect that bugs dogs FLEA
Clues Answers
Jailbird CON
Jealousy ENVY
Kind of diving duck SMEW
Large iron hook GAFF
Needing scratching ITCHY
No idle person DOER
Non-PC flying aces AIRMEN
Of little consequence TRIVIAL
One who has a guest for dinner? CANNIBAL
Person assisting in a crime ACCESSORY
Plant that covers garden walls IVY
Play in a kiddie pool WADE
Pothole's place ROAD
Prince Andrew's ex SARAH
Rainbow path ARC
Reminder of surgery SCAR
Seven, in Roman numerals VII
Shangri-la resident LAMA
Sky sighting you cannot identify UFO
Spoke with fury RAGED
Stave off AVERT
Sticky gunk GOO
Stir things up AGITATE
Supervised OVERSEEN
They give people big heads EGOS
This is the best day ___! EVER
To the right, to a trained donkey GEE
Ump's call, sometimes OUT
Wind instrument OBOE
Wolf with a brindled grey coat LOBO
___ Island (US state) RHODE