- Nov 16 2020

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Clues Answers
''Baby back'' barbecue bit RIB
''Between'' prefix for national or view INTER
''Guided'' vacation TOUR
''My country, tis of __ . . .'' THEE
''Please reply'' letters RSVP
''That makes sense'' ISEE
''Without delay,'' in a memo ASAP
Adolescent TEEN
Air quality org EPA
Angler's enticement device LURE
Be dressed in WEAR
Be introduced to MEET
Beef meal in a slow cooker STEW
Birds that hoot OWLS
Bottom of a pedestal BASE
Brief in duration SHORT
Cake to wash with SOAP
Day before a holiday EVE
Do a somersault FLIP
Ensnare TRAP
Expressway exit RAMP
Feeling nervous TENSE
Fire hydrant attachment HOSE
Flashes of lightning BOLTS
Flat-topped Southwestern hill MESA
Foamy espresso beverage LATTE
Full of energy ALIVE
Globe's shape SPHERE
Golfer's peg TEE
Grab, as a fly ball CATCH
Group of experts PANEL
Handbag PURSE
Has breakfast or dinner EATS
Honeydew or cantaloupe MELON
Jury member PEER
Lends a hand AIDS
Merit badge org BSA
Minor quarrel SPAT
Multi-room hotel offering SUITE
Clues Answers
Neckwear with knots TIES
Nevada gambling city RENO
Offer at retail SELL
Old West search party POSSE
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Opera solo ARIA
Paper fastener STAPLE
Parts of a stairway STEPS
Performed in a film ACTED
Phone call starter HELLO
Police officers, informally COPS
Propel a canoe ROW
Raindrop sound PLOP
Ran out, as a subscription LAPSED
Redeemed, as a paycheck CASHED
Relax in the tub SOAK
Remove one's beard SHAVE
Roof overhang EAVE
San Antonio attraction to ''remember'' ALAMO
Settled, as a bill PAID
Shaped like a rainbow ARCED
Shirt's arm SLEEVE
Showery forecast RAIN
Sliced, uncooked fungi FRESHMUSHROOMS
Slices of two zesty bulbs ONIONSANDGARLIC
Sound of a sneeze ACHOO
Sprinkled-on white dairy product PARMESANCHEESE
Stairway's banister RAIL
Stick (to), as wet paper to glass CLING
Takes advantage of USES
Tenant's contract LEASE
Three letters in ''discuss'' ESSES
Total of numbers added SUM
Toy building-block brand LEGO
Vapor from a teakettle STEAM
Waited in hiding LURKED
Was in first place LED
Went quickly SPED
Wise person SAGE