Jonesin' - Nov 17 2020

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Clues Answers
'Army of Darkness' director Sam RAIMI
'Born,' in some notices NEE
'Can you wait just a freaking minute?!' NOTNOW
'George of the Jungle' creature APE
'Hamilton' creator ___-Manuel Miranda LIN
'Mmhmm' motion NOD
'The Clan of the Cave Bear' author Jean AUEL
'The Flintstones' pet DINO
'The King and I' actor Brynner YUL
'The Princess and the Frog' princess TIANA
'___ and Juice' GIN
'___ Been Thinking About You' (1991 Londonbeat song) IVE
'___ longa, vita brevis' ARS
1 of 100 still being finalized in D.C SEN
2000s Iraq war subject, briefly WMD
Accelerate REVUP
Alloy containing tin PEWTER
Animal in 'Jack and the Beanstalk' COW
Annoying IRKING
AriZona alternative NESTEA
Asking for a tiny bit of fish, maybe? MEWING
Back-to-school mo SEP
Battleship blasts SALVOS
Be resigned to one's fate ACCEPTIT
Beginning (of the hour) TOP
Boy king of Egypt TUT
Bug that might bug you in the kitchen ANT
Burj Khalifa's loc UAE
Burn a little SEAR
California ballplayer PADRE
Calligrapher's supply INKS
Chaka who sang 'I Feel for You' KHAN
Charging port, maybe USB
City that shares Seattle's airport TACOMA
Cohesiveness UNITY
Company with 'counting sheep' ads SERTA
December cartonful NOG
Deployed with alacrity? URGENTLYUSED
Descend diagonally SKI
Clues Answers
Discharges EMITS
Disinfectant sheet WIPE
Donut, mathematically TORUS
E. Berlin was its capital GDR
Escapees from Pandora's box ILLS
Fertility clinic supply OVA
Fix a button SEW
Golf ball brand TITLEIST
Greetings from trained bears? URSINEWAVES
Heavy metal singer Ronnie James ___ DIO
Hebrew alphabet starters ALEPHS
HHH, in Greek ETAS
Hurry back, perhaps RUNHOME
Icicle lights locale EAVE
It had a baby face in 'Teletubbies' SUN
It may have a big impact METEOR
It'll pick up the faintest of noises HOTMIC
Levin who wrote 'Rosemary's Baby' IRA
Like some margins NARROW
Like the head of a tennis racket OVAL
Lists of basics NEEDS
Lite-Brite bulbs, really PEGS
Modern, to Merkel NEU
Oat-based skin product brand AVEENO
One side of 'the pond' EUROPE
Paper nest builder WASP
People get steamed there SAUNAS
Polish site TOENAIL
Printer's excess BLEED
Pronounce UTTER
Quick learner NATURAL
Shepherd's pie bit PEA
Shirt marker TAG
Shrivel DRYUP
Siberia's neighbor on a Risk board IRKUTSK
Tool to help build a city? URBANHAMMER
Way to keep your spiky sea creatures fastened? URCHINSTRAPS
Weasel cousin SABLE
What Portland went back to recently PST