The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,292 - Nov 16 2020

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Clues Answers
Alien contrives to secure a spell in the military NATIONALSERVICE
Bishop adopting star competitor RACER
Brother returned short letter to person from Brest BRETON
Commotion caused by heads of state talking in riddles STIR
Dared tangle with a snake! ADDER
Fancy popular gallery having racist leader in charge! INTRICATE
Firm agreement COMPACT
Heavy drinking session sees new head of department drowning in ale BENDER
Nerve gas makes a chap a goner, unfortunately AGENTORANGE
New price includes chemist's third formula RECIPE
Passionate Australian given another room with American AMOROUS
People injured by throwaway garments? CASUALTIES
Place where meat gets cooked in mould is beside small lake ROTISSERIE
Play bagging nation's first award for excellence on Broadway TONY
Clues Answers
Put in an appearance outside retro car plant CAMOMILE
Regimen is proven to regenerate flower EVENINGPRIMROSE
Retiring Queen and followers prepare for alternative employment RETRAIN
Revered former editor pinching a large journalist's bottom EXALTED
Revolutionary coming back to eat pub grub? DINNER
Senior officer found with drug in empty shed is investigated SCOPED
Short coat given to old philosopher PLATO
Sign made by team leader at sporting event TRACE
Specify putting giants' pants in river DESIGNATE
Stop king and fool becoming bound together CLOSEKNIT
Troy's first prophet turned up to encourage woodworker TREESURGEON
Various roads set out ASSORTED
Verbose professional listened to short musical phrases PROLIX
Without cover, nudes ruin broadcast UNINSURED