The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27823

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Clues Answers
Beneficiary from shelter crossing northern street LEGATEE
Blunder into rocky peak, provoking panic TERROR
Body of people almost dry up on stage CORPS
Broadcast by possible porter’s best friend? AIREDALE
Captain beginning to steam fish SKIPPER
Cloisters of church outside a London complex COLONNADE
Debris Oscar removed from Motown, America DETRITUS
Developing hospital backed with little money NASCENT
Displaying frivolity in speech about quartz, for example SILICA
Game birds snatching feed in river great ouse
Halogen one old woman upset IODINE
Idiot greeting King Edward’s tailor CLOTHIER
Individual in Greece, one with no future GONER
Kitchen appliance knocked out of shape STOVE
Leader of yobs beheaded bird? That’s disgusting! YUCK
Memorable moments familiar to hairstylists? HIGHLIGHTS
Clues Answers
Moan excessively, to who’ll listen, having excess of vegetation? OVERGROWN
More hazardous trail regularly taken by winter sportsperson RISKIER
Oval dish — a novel type to begin with ASHET
Pops up to get favourable slant from doctor? SPIN
Precedent that’s no longer enough? EXAMPLE
Record thus maintained primarily in racecourse EPSOM
Sadly premature, accepting troop leader’s old hearing aid ear trumpet
Scene of siege currently associated with good fortune LUCKNOW
Scholar head of academy can put in directory LATINIST
Scottish dish, good one, consumed by ugly old women HAGGIS
Sly person losing wife’s support EASEL
Source of inspiration right behind miners’ union’s top figure NUMERATOR
Stories about soldiers in scene of conflict ARENA
Strain shown by, say, future head TENSENESS
Tree-dweller father observed crossing railway DRYAD
Unusually stoical, extremely smooth, medieval annotator SCHOLIAST