The Washington Post - Nov 15 2020

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Clues Answers
'60 Minutes' airer CBS
'60s radical gp SDS
'American Idol' fixture until 2010 SIMON
'An Essay on Criticism' poet POPE
'Famous' cookie maker AMOS
'Narc' co-star Ray LIOTTA
'The Lion King' lioness NALA
'__ it a rest!' GIVE
'__ Misérables' LES
17th/18th-century British ruling house STUART
After-dinner party SOIREE
Ages and ages EON
Area of expertise METIER
Attack with enthusiasm, as a project WADEIN
Bar mitzvah celebrant JEW
Baseball stat RUN
Batter's stat RBI
Bear genus URSUS
Beautician's 'Don't'? BREAKAMIRROR
Being dragged along INTOW
Big name in romance fiction AVON
Big Pharma watchdog: Abbr FDA
Bit of character assassination SMEAR
Boarding aid JETWAY
Bona __ FIDE
Brainchild IDEA
Brought up REARED
Caesar's rebuke ETTU
Caltech city PASADENA
Carpenter's 'Do'? KNOCKONWOOD
Catch a glimpse of SPOT
Chef's hat TOQUE
Chicago Bulls forward __ Porter, Jr OTTO
Christmas tune NOEL
Classic tune OLDIE
Climbing equipment PITONS
Common Market initials EEC
Comprehensive INDEPTH
Confine with a dike, say EMBANK
Construction worker's 'Don't'? WALKUNDERALADDER
Copied APED
Corner, in a way TREE
Corp. leaders MGMT
Deckhand MATE
Deli option RYE
Dennings of '2 Broke Girls' KAT
Diacritic for a long vowel sound MACRON
Difficult to hoe ROOTY
Doo-wop group __ Na Na SHA
Drive forward PROPEL
Early programming acronym COBOL
Eject SPEW
Entered permanently INKEDIN
Exercise, as power WIELD
Fantasy football deal TRADE
Feature of some orange juice PULP
Fertilizer ingredient MANURE
Final shot LASTHOPE
Firefighting tool AXE
Fit together compactly NEST
Follows ENSUES
Gave a sigh EXHALED
Grab a bite together DOLUNCH
Guitar gadget CAPO
Had a longing YEARNED
Harden ENURE
Hardly in the neighborhood AFAR
Clues Answers
Heartache WOE
Henry __ VIII
Home security co ADT
Ice skater's 'Don't'? STEPONACRACK
Indigenous Nepal mountain people SHERPAS
Italian innkeeper PADRONE
Jungian archetype ANIMA
Kimono ties OBIS
Little guy TYKE
Lost completely ATSEA
Lotion ingredients ALOES
Low-pH material ACID
Major artery AORTA
Manuscript marking STET
Michigan in Chicago: Abbr AVE
Nonbinary gender pronoun THEY
Northern neighbor of Chile PERU
Not quite right AMISS
One hanging at a food court MALLRAT
One stuck in traffic, at times IDLER
Other side ENEMY
Pink Floyd's Barrett SYD
Plays for a fool USES
Prepare for conflict EMBATTLE
Promised to attend, perhaps RSVPED
Pup's protest YIP
Put a dent in MAR
Red sign over a door EXIT
Relief from the heat SHADE
Restaurant window posting MENU
Russia, vis-à-vis Crimea, in 2014 ANNEXER
Say further ADD
Show reverence for, as a deity KNEELTO
Skimpy skirt MINI
Snack item NUT
Some coolers FANS
Son of Odin and Frigg BALDER
Sonar sounds PINGS
South American dances SAMBAS
Speedy RAPID
Spiteful feeling VENOM
Sport in which the entire body is a valid target EPEE
Sportscaster Berman LEN
Spring bulb TULIP
Start of a play ACTONE
Street fights SCUFFLES
Sucked (in) LURED
Take to the rink SKATE
Temporary tattoo dye HENNA
They're often tapped out BEERS
Throw away TOSS
Title holder SPINE
Tolkien talking plant ENT
Two-piece suits BIKINIS
Utterly infatuate BESOT
Versatile game piece QUEEN
Vulcan mind __ MELD
Wanna-__ BES
Weather forecaster's 'Don't'? OPENANUMBRELLAINDOORS
When rights may be restricted ONRED
With determination STOUTLY
Word before age or year NEW
Words heard shortly after many a marriage pronouncement NOWKISS
Words in Newton's first law ATREST
Work on a green, say MOW
Zippo NIL
__ fishing ICE