The Sun - Two Speed - Nov 15 2020

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Clues Answers
26-mile race MARATHON
A book accepted by European athlete ACROBAT
Accomplish ACHIEVE
Act to cut cost in business PRACTICE
Ancient AGED
Avoid finishing sentence? ESCAPE
Ban or block DEBAR
Bloke, hot, better going outside CHAP
Cagney developed business AGENCY
Contains revised authorisation SANCTION
Darkness is terrible thing NIGHT
Deciduous tree ELM
Discourteous RUDE
Enormous IMMENSE
Exclude tangled beard DEBAR
Explanation REASON
Fellow CHAP
Function OPERATE
Get expert round buzzing hive ACHIEVE
Getaway ESCAPE
Gets rid of lean-tos SHEDS
Hours after sunset NIGHT
Huge mass seen twice in turbulent Seine IMMENSE
Indoor footwear SLIPPER
Information from Star Trek robot DATA
Clues Answers
Insolent daughter in Parisian street RUDE
Islamic spiritual centre MECCA
Motive to trap love in horrible snare REASON
Mountainside fall AVALANCHE
Old woman advanced in explosive North Run MARATHON
One to defame Samoan? ISLANDER
Outhouses SHEDS
Ovum EGG
Rehearsal PRACTICE
Romeo into poor diet exhausted TIRED
Run round gym with speed OPERATE
Saudi city is tourist magnet MECCA
Shoe salesman returned after blunder SLIPPER
Small acting part CAMEO
Smaller piano BABYGRAND
Sneer at restructured firm EARNEST
Statistics DATA
Superannuated part in tragedy AGED
Tahitian, e.g ISLANDER
Toddler with excellent instrument BABYGRAND
Turned up old Hitchcock role? CAMEO
Untamed SAVAGE
Very early bird? EGG
Wild herb found around Virginia SAVAGE
Wood in Skelmersdale ELM
Worn out TIRED