The Times - Specialist - Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 240

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Clues Answers
“Great drama […] must have dimension and its ____ will take care of itself” (Robertson Davies) RELEVANCE
“Nothing sedates rationality like large ____ of effortless money” (Warren Buffett) DOSES
100 pfennig in the DDR OSTMARK
A boisterous laugh GUFFAW
A designer of haute couture FASHIONISTA
A Eucharistic offering to God OBLATION
A golfer will usually use this to escape from a bunker sand wedge
A house in Italy or Spain CASA
A Shia religious leader AYATOLLAH
Accessory worn between the elbow and shoulder ARMLET
African country formerly called Nyasaland MALAWI
America’s “Beaver State” OREGON
An American illusionist; a Charles Dickens novel David Copperfield
An enemy aircraft, in Second World War RAF lingo BANDIT
Arguments thrown back at an opponent antistrophons
Author of over 100 suspense/horror novels, his breakthrough being Whispers in 1980 Dean Koontz
Become enclosed in an abnormal bodily sac ENCYST
Beer, to an Australian SHERBET
Blois is the prefecture of this French department, named after two rivers which cross it Loir-et-Cher
Celestial body, from a Greek word meaning “wanderer” PLANET
DJ and TV presenter who wrote Pies and Prejudice: In search of the North Stuart Maconie
Field glasses BINOCULARS
Fiercely determined TIGERISH
First female tennis player to become world No 1 while representing the Czech Republic, in 2017 Karolina Pliskova
Clues Answers
Form of Buddhism practised in Myanmar and Thailand THERAVADA
Former county named after its main river AVON
Former England manager popularly known as El Tel Terry Venables
German for “sound”, used by some music theorists as a name for a “chord of nature” KLANG
Having a pH lower than 7 ACIDIC
Iconic video game character created by Sega in 1991 Sonic the Hedgehog
Inflammation of glands, especially lymph nodes ADENITIS
Narrator and central character of Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson David Balfour
One of two cells which combine to form a zygote GAMETE
Part of this West Indies island is 11km from the coast of Venezuela TRINIDAD
Penultimate track of the Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé album Barcelona, with John Deacon on bass guitar How Can I Go On
Star Trek: Voyager character portrayed by Garrett Wang Harry Kim
The historic maritime entrance to the Tower of London Traitor's Gate
The novels by ____were mostly set in her native South Tyneside Catherine Cookson
The UK’s biggest selling single of 1971 My Sweet Lord
The youngest winner (at age 29) of a best actor Oscar, for his role in The Pianist Adrien Brody
The ____ peninsula is the southernmost part of Greece’s mainland peloponnesian
The ____ recalls Bonnie Prince Charlie’s flight after the Battle of Culloden Skye Boat Song
Three-syllable phrase abbreviated in nine syllables world wide web
US electrical retailer which traded as Tandy in the UK RADIOSHACK
Village in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, the only place where hobbits and men lived side by side BREE
Welsh valleys CWMS
When listed, usually the first of Santa Claus’s reindeer DASHER
____ was originally called Byzantium ISTANBUL