Wall Street Journal - Nov 14 2020 - Divine Intervention

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Clues Answers
“A Doll’s House” protagonist NORA
“Do the Right Thing” pizzeria SALS
“Flowers for Algernon” writer Daniel KEYES
“Hello” singer ADELE
“Hoarders” channel AANDE
“Me too!” ASAMI
“Nebraska” director Alexander PAYNE
“Picnic” playwright INGE
“Show me, please” MAYISEE
“Thus with a kiss ___”: Romeo IDIE
A tug undoes it SLIPKNOT
About to experience INFOR
Above, poetically OER
According to ASPER
Agent Smith’s nemesis NEO
Ages and ages EON
Alan with an Oscar ARKIN
Apartment agreement LEASE
Asthma sufferer’s device INHALER
Authoritative bunch EXPERTS
Bad-mouth, slangily TRASHON
Bear, e.g SELLER
Big bang creator TNT
Blown up, as a neg ENL
Brand in many burger joints HEINZ
Broncos coach Fangio VIC
Cardinal letters STL
Carole King’s “___ Too Late” ITS
Cellar dweller’s accumulation LOSSES
Certain layers HENS
Change from B to A, say REGRADE
Chopin pieces WALTZES
Citi Field squad METS
Clay color OCHER
Clear up RESOLVE
Clicks on the links? SAVESPAR
Come to light ARISE
Contract details TERMS
Cook who uses vinegar instead of honey? KITCHENAIRHEAD
Country on the Gulf of Finland ESTONIA
Creator of Nurse Ratched KESEY
Dance group composed of gullible people? PATSYCHORUSLINE
Detective’s work, at times TAILING
Dish garnished with daikon SASHIMI
Docking sites BERTHS
Drink from young leaves PEKOETEA
Durable woods TEAKS
Dust Bowl dream RAIN
Easy victims SAPS
Fall openers RIPCORDS
Farmiga of “The Conjuring” VERA
Flowerless foliage FERN
Fruity drink suffix ADE
Funerary construction PYRE
Funnyman Billy gives a revealing performance? CRYSTALBARESALL
Generous saloon buy ROUND
Gets back RECOVERS
Give way suddenly CRUMPLE
Goalie’s station NET
God of agriculture intervening in 50-Across SATURN
God of the sky intervening in 109-Across HORUS
God of war intervening in 22-Across ARES
Goddess of motherhood intervening in 77-Across RHEA
Goddess of strife intervening in 90-Across ERIS
Goddess of the hearth intervening in 38-Across VESTA
Google rival BING
Governor Cuomo ANDREW
Grime MUCK
Having a knack for ADEPTAT
Clues Answers
He has cameos in most Marvel films STANLEE
Help, for example MENU
Homer hollers DOHS
Impeccable family pedigree? FIVESTARTREE
Inhabitant of a mushroom-shaped house SMURF
Keebler’s chief elf ERNIE
Kept in the loop, briefly CCED
Kindle, e.g EREADER
Letter jacket wearer JOCK
Like jalapeños, vis-à-vis habaneros MILDER
Like many punk hairstyles SPIKY
Like recent Rembrandts FORGED
Lusty feeling, with “the” HOTS
Maker of VersaLink printers XEROX
Max. antithesis MIN
Member of the C-suite EXEC
Minecraft matter ORE
Miscalculate ERR
Missouri River tribe OTOES
Mocking music? DERISIVEBARS
Modest swimwear options BURKINIS
Neighborhoods AREAS
No longer on the stock exchange DELISTED
Not quite closed AJAR
Ocasek of the Cars RIC
Office shake-up REORG
Old pool worker, briefly STENO
Other people, to Sartre HELL
Painter/sculptor from Barcelona MIRO
Piping plastic, for short PVC
Pliant wood ELM
Pricey block INGOT
Rackets DINS
Rank anew, as in a tournament RESEED
Rao, orbited by Krypton, e.g REDSUN
Resists temptation at the breakfast buffet? SKIPSATURNOVER
Roast host EMCEE
Rockies catcher Díaz ELIAS
Score unit MEASURE
Selfish sort TAKER
Seminary subj REL
Separator of Korea and Japan, to Koreans EASTSEA
Setting for many Stephen King stories MAINE
Shakespearean interjections AYS
Skateboarder’s trick OLLIE
Smoothie berry ACAI
Spread throughout PERVADE
Stand-up guy? COMIC
Start at the beginning? ESS
Stop on Amtrak’s Lake Shore Limited ERIE
Target, e.g STORE
The Devil’s repeated question in Kipling’s “The Conundrum of the Workshops” ISITART
Title first bestowed on Jackie Loughery of New York MISSUSA
Tract of land LOT
Turkish bread LIRAS
Uncle Sam feature GOATEE
Unsatisfying existence RUT
Unspecified individual SOMEONE
Way to settle with Face ID APPLEPAY
Welcomed at the threshold ASKEDIN
Well, in Rome BENE
Where a road map might be consulted FORK
Wide sts AVES
Without positive effect TONOEND
Young fellow LAD
___ Dame NOTRE