Wall Street Journal - Nov 11 2020 - Water You Saying?

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Clues Answers
“Ah, gotcha” ISEE
“Not for me, thanks” IPASS
“The Island of the Day Before” writer ECO
“You should join us!” COME
About ASTO
Assurance after an epic wipeout IMOK
ATM inconvenience, at times FEE
Base meal MESS
Bear claw, e.g PASTRY
Bride of 1981 LADYDI
Bridge support? TOLL
Bummed out BLUE
Bungle FLUB
Calligrapher’s supply PENS
Canon fodder? TONER
Cantaloupe cousin CASABA
Close-knit group CADRE
Contrasted with THAN
Cool, in dated slang DEF
Credit for a bases-loaded walk, for short RBI
Deep cleft GASH
Dizzying designs OPART
Drip catcher BIB
Engagement you might really want to get out of? ESCAPEROOM
Fail to make the final roster GETCUT
Filling desserts? PIES
Furthest reaches ENDS
Garment with “bell” and “pancake” styles TUTU
Graph line AXIS
Gritty powder EMERY
Halloween figure GHOUL
Hamlet, e.g DANE
Harmful, as effects ILL
Have unchallenged authority REIGNSUPREME
Home to Kabul and Kathmandu ASIA
It brought a T. rex to life in “Jurassic Park” CGI
It parallels I-15 in Vegas THESTRIP
Lacking vigor LIMP
Clues Answers
Like believers in the creator Viracocha INCAN
LIRR operator MTA
Lost the opportunity MISSEDOUT
Miserly motivation GREED
Mountaineer’s goal CREST
Palm product DATE
Petting zoo youngling LAMB
Physiques, for short BODS
Pitcher’s idea SLOGAN
Pointer’s word THERE
Pool problem ALGAE
Pre-agreement research DUEDILIGENCE
Recommendation list BESTBETS
Remaining LEFT
Rights org. celebrating its centennial in 2020 ACLU
Save BUT
See 44-Down EGG
Self-evident principle AXIOM
Shows off one’s connections, or what you’ll do by speaking the starts of 17-, 28- and 43-Across NAMEDROPS
Small annoyance GNAT
Small toiler ANT
Sounds accompanied by head shakes TSKS
Surrounded by enemies UNDERSIEGE
Syrup source from Mexico AGAVE
Terza rima pioneer DANTE
Threw in the towel GAVEUP
Tries to lose DIETS
Trio awarded a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016 RUNDMC
Union member STATE
Unkempt quarters STY
Urban scavenger PIGEON
Wear down ERODE
Well informed about UPON
Where you might throw in the towel HAMPER
With 50-Across, target of a seasonal search EASTER
World-weary BLASE
You can take his word for it ROGET