Universal - Nov 13 2020

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Clues Answers
"Am I to blame?" ISITME
"Days of Our Lives" channel NBC
"Evil Woman" band, for short ELO
"Gee willikers!" GOSH
"Late Night" star Thompson EMMA
"To ___ is human" ERR
"___ on a Grecian Urn" (Keats poem) ODE
4:3, for instance RATIO
Actress Aisha or Sandra DEE
Alternatives to Wranglers LEES
Answering machine beep TONE
Aunt, in Acapulco TIA
Be the emcee HOST
Bean type in succotash LIMA
Big band and Prohibition ERAS
Boxer Laila ALI
Brings forth for display TROTSOUT
Business communication MEMO
Call for help SOS
Champions TITLISTS
Chinese "way" TAO
Commits a court offense? TRAVELS
Confident declaration ICAN
Cooks, as artichokes STEAMS
Country once called Persia IRAN
Derriere TUSH
Earlier PRIOR
Ernie known as "The Big Easy" ELS
Eye sore STYE
Forbes competitor INC
Freshly washed CLEAN
Gas hidden in "Marine One" NEON
Genre for Aretha Franklin SOUL
Green ___ (elite soldier) BERET
Had no love for HATED
Hanoi holiday TET
Harp's ancient relative LYRE
Has an afternoon meal TAKESTEA
Hosiery brand LEGGS
Clues Answers
Indoor football format ARENA
ISP designed for Windows MSN
Lebanese, perhaps ARAB
Loathing ODIUM
Most massive HUGEST
Most popular dog breed in the U.S LAB
Mule's father ASS
Mule's mother MARE
Neither amazing nor awful SOSO
New loan arrangement, briefly REFI
Nickname that drops "vatore" SAL
No alternative? YES
Novelist Zola EMILE
On the subject of ASTO
One on the stump ORATOR
Part of "SNL" LIVE
Peppery salad green CRESS
Person who creates a password USER
Places to be pampered SPAS
Porridge thief in a fairy tale GOLDILOCKS
Pouches SACS
Protective setups suggested by the final few letters of 17-, 27- and 50-Across SECURITYSYSTEMS
Really fun group, it's said BARRELOFMONKEYS
Secretive attention-getter PSST
Seized auto REPO
Signs up for the Army ENLISTS
Some brews ALES
Spanish direction opposite sur NORTE
Suddenly change direction VEER
Texter's "I didn't need to know that!" TMI
Tourist attraction SIGHT
Uruguay's capital MONTEVIDEO
Verdi opera set in Egypt AIDA
Visiting Europe, say ABROAD
Walk proudly STRUT
Where to hear clucking HENHOUSE
Word between "talk" and "talk" THE
___ apparent HEIR