The Washington Post - Nov 13 2020

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Clues Answers
'In the Bedroom' Oscar nominee TOMEI
'No one knows' WHOCANSAY
'Not likely!' ASIF
'Potluck Dinner Party' co-host SNOOPDOGG
'Smooth Operator' artist SADE
'The Killing' actress Mireille ENOS
'The Photograph' actress Issa RAE
'These aren't the __ you're looking for': Obi-Wan DROIDS
1993 chart topper for Mariah Carey HERO
8-Down, e.g.: Abbr ISL
A.L. East player RAY
Activist Yoko ONO
Anticipate AWAIT
Avocado dip, for short GUAC
Bad assessment PAN
Biceps exercises, familiarly CHINS
Bond's watch since 1995 OMEGA
Bridges seen on TV LLOYD
Brit's grilled sandwich TOASTIE
Certain NCOs SSGTS
Clothing line HEM
Dave Martinez and Dave Roberts, for two: Abbr MGRS
Did a trainer's job RETAPED
Disc drive button EJECT
Evaluate ASSAY
Fangorn Forest dweller ENT
Five-time NCAA Division I ice hockey champs MINNESOTA
Forum robes TOGAS
Georgia home of the Tubman Museum MACON
Glove material LATEX
Greek vacation spot CORFU
Jumped in with enthusiasm HADATIT
Kangaroo player KEESHAN
Kourtney, to Kim SIS
Lee who lived 'in a kingdom by the sea' ANNABEL
Lexicon with 600,000+ wds OED
Clues Answers
Like gumbo CAJUN
London apartment for a snake? MOCCASINFLAT
Mercury and Mars GODS
Mishandles MUFFS
Most GRE takers SRS
Movie costume for Keaton or Kilmer BATSUIT
Nada NIL
Noel beginning OCOME
Nursing school subj ANAT
One who watches Grand Canyon pack animals? MULESPECTATOR
Oversupply GLUT
Part of GPS: Abbr SYS
Pertaining to the abdominal cavity CELIAC
Pitch TOSS
Rider's controls REINS
Schools from Ky. and In. are in it, surprisingly ACC
Setting for much of 'Aquaman' OCEAN
Shot glass PONY
Skybox setting ARENA
Some combustion engines HEMIS
Spy at a centuries-old school? OXFORDSNEAKER
Subject for Dr. Ruth SEX
Tee sizes, for short SML
They may be split HAIRS
Think otherwise DIFFER
Unpleasantly loud NOISY
What inspired three long puzzle answers PAIRSOFSHOES
Wiry-coated terriers AIREDALES
Woolf's '__ of One's Own' AROOM
Words with touch or sight OUTOF
Work for eds MSS
Year in Nero's reign LXII
__ shadow EYE
__-la-la TRA
__-miss HITOR