Irish Times (Crosaire) - Nov 13 2020

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Clues Answers
Account on New Media caught by intellectual ACADEMIC
Allowed to get around Mediterranean island ABLE
Cake from Down served up onboard? DANISHBLUE
Carted out of the dead centre of paradise EDEN
Concerns the people in state getting brief taste of something PUBLIC
Concerns Will and Earl from Oklahoma ESTATE
Director general welcomes the German back from Spain to do some work on ocean liner? DREDGE
Esther edges away after Russell finds Lawrence is sensitive to arty types AESTHETE
Exhibited the effects of time consumed by mortgage debt AGED
Holding the top three places for opium production around delta PODIUM
Irish race consuming paella, for instance, from Spain with root vegetables RADISHES
It relates to ideas and customs of sect on Russian river CULTURAL
Local chipper gets a vile review ALIVE
Mad plot organised around one running a mission DIPLOMAT
Clues Answers
Not upset, by and large, dropping Barney GLAD
Praetorian guard takes off, departing for light show AURORA
Resorts to initiating misery on bender with jerks SPASMS
Sauciest dress for the holidays SUITCASE
Some society ball recalled from bit of memory BYTE
Stick produced in France and Belgium over lawyer heading off to sue leaders of think tank BAGUETTE
Takes a lot of interest in you and me on both sides of youth centre riot endlessly USURIOUS
They employ those in 22 across and 8 across from bookstores? PUBLICLIBRARIES
They know where there's a stack of Bibles for those having a job stocking shelves LIBRARIANS
Top of the range barbecue on front yard produced by stud with a preoccupation HOBBYHORSE
Unable to read or write from the Italian atelier overlooking square ILLITERATE
Unpleasant local teetotaller consumed by wild orgy GROTTY
Very zealous piece on a fair amount of spirits GUNGHO
What's held by one of those in 15 across in reserve BOOK