- Nov 12 2020

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Clues Answers
''Amscray!'' SCAT
''Didn't mean that'' OOPS
''Fire'' gem OPAL
''I'll take that as __'' ANO
''It's me'' IAM
''Odyssey'''s godfather of hunting ORION
'80s First Lady NANCY
A great deal LOTS
Abbot's subordinate PRIOR
App development step BETA
Apply lightly DAB
April 13th, for one IDES
Association football SOCCER
Cantina drink, for short RITA
Cereal box stats RDAS
Certain soundtrack tracks VOCALS
Chilling ATEASE
Colas in quantity CASES
Con artist's quest EASYMARK
Cook in hot oil DEEPFRY
Creator of the Finches LEE
Cross-promotion, e.g TIE
Deletes for security reasons REDACTS
Depart from the facts LIE
Desserts with edible holders ICECREAMCONES
Doc's written order SCRIP
Dots on a globe CITIES
Dudes MEN
Egg __ yung FOO
Finger-shaped dessert CHOCOLATEECLAIR
Fixate (on) OBSESS
Fluffy colorful dessert COTTONCANDYCAKE
Fool (with) MESS
Footlocker CHEST
Forecasting tool RADAR
Formal denial NAY
Govt. code crackers NSA
Imposing work EPIC
Clues Answers
In a snit SORE
Jr. and sr YRS
Keg access BEERTAP
Lackluster BLAH
Marie's ''to be'' ETRE
Mistypes or misplays ERRS
Mosque leaders IMAMS
Motor coach BUS
Multi-rm. accommodation STE
No time at all INSTANT
Nonspecific amount SOME
Not yet decided OPEN
One of the Brontës ANNE
Poetic direction YON
Profit from USE
Pulitzer rival HEARST
Put __ on (limit) ACAP
Real beauty PEACH
Returned from work CAMEHOME
Rights advocacy org ACLU
Slightly, on a score POCO
Sound of a small explosion ACHOO
Soup, or salad, or steak . . MENUITEM
Sour cream concoction DIP
State of the Ozarks ARKANSAS
Tiny colonists ANTS
Tree with winglike seeds ELM
Tunnel terminus END
Upscale retreat VILLA
Urban blight LITTER
Visual perceptiveness EYE
Waltz or rumba DOADANCE
What the three longest answers have in common CCC
Wryly funny IRONIC
Yakety-yak IDLECHAT
__ buco (Italian entrée) OSSO
__ by (barely manages) EKES
__'-shanter TAMO