The Sun - Two Speed - Nov 12 2020

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Clues Answers
Adult temptation said to subside ABATE
Auditorium THEATRE
Awesome daughter to study DREAD
Bachelor in rocking duet coming out DEBUT
Beer pot TANKARD
Brewed beverage TEA
Cause to see Red converting a Green? ENRAGE
Championship TITLE
Cheers: drunk drank from this! TANKARD
Connection TIEIN
Counterweight BALLAST
Creative person ARTIST
Diminish ABATE
Dispossess EVICT
Drinking vessels GLASSES
Elizabethan explorer finds duck DRAKE
Entrance into society DEBUT
Estate agent holds drink TEA
Exercising self-restraint in Europe? CONTINENT
Extend gun team in reorganisation AUGMENT
Gain altitude ASCEND
Gatehouse LODGE
Get stuck where mason worships LODGE
Good girls in specs GLASSES
Great fear DREAD
Green gem EMERALD
I've rejected depression, that's clear EVIDENT
Clues Answers
Make furious ENRAGE
Male waterfowl DRAKE
Match at home provides link TIEIN
Maybe sign as I do in conclusion DIAGNOSIS
Medical determination DIAGNOSIS
Old canine groomed on time ANCIENT
Otherworldly ALIEN
Painter having weird traits ARTIST
Pan cover LID
Prehistoric ANCIENT
Rate revised in the playhouse THEATRE
Scrabble piece contains T for term TITLE
Six in European court turn out EVICT
Small fowl BANTAM
Snake to stop this on road ASPHALT
Stone dealer excitedly accepting million EMERALD
Stop mostly domesticated chicken BANTAM
Strange film with Sigourney Weaver ALIEN
Supplement AUGMENT
Surfacing material ASPHALT
This for stabilisation in Hull? BALLAST
Top holiday period LID
Two mischievous creatures lacking female drive IMPEL
UK Einstein embodies it BRITAIN
United Kingdom BRITAIN
Wild dances go to higher level ASCEND