Universal - Oct 2 2001

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Clues Answers
''Hang your head'' and ''eating crow'' IDIOMS
''I smell ---!'' ARAT
''Wee Geordie'' family CLAN
''What ---, chopped liver?'' AMI
''Woman With a Parasol'' painter MONET
--- Bator, Mongolian capital ULAN
33-1/3, 45 or 78 RPM
After-dinner faux pas BURP
Author Wiesel ELIE
Automatic starter? SEMI
Average, to a statistician MEAN
Bart Simpson's aunt SELMA
Braces against STEELS
Bruise preventers PADS
Card game SKAT
Cholla and peyote CACTI
Chronological division ERA
Collected sayings ANA
Cracked a bit AJAR
Creed component TENET
Cut with sweeping strokes SLASH
Dead ends IMPASSES
Farm team OXEN
Fashions a sheepshank TIES
Fat lady's song, perhaps ARIA
Final songs SWANS
First of all? ADAM
Fly catcher MITT
Footnote abbreviation IBID
Forceful outburst GALE
Genetic duplicates CLONES
Honey of a wine MEAD
Implied TACIT
Incomplete COURT game? ALAI
Itzamna worshiper MAYAN
Jacuzzis SPAS
Clues Answers
Kind of loaf DELI
King of the entertainment field ALAN
Like a mansion STATELY
Like an untended garden WEEDY
Little, in Lille PEU
Low-tech calculators ABACI
Monogram part (Abbr.) INIT
Mother of Helen of Troy LEDA
Muse with a lyre ERATO
N. African Muslim MOOR
Natural table MESA
News dispatch ITEM
O'Neill's ''--- Christie'' ANNA
Occupiers of Britain and Spain in pre-Roman times CELTS
One place for prisoners STOCKADE
One-time rulers TSARS
Pack to the future? TAROT
Paris street RUE
Pet store purchase CAGE
Progeny ISSUE
Raise in status EXALT
Savoir-faire TACT
Small buzzer GNAT
Snood NET
Spoonful SIP
Street in a horror film ELM
Subbed with the band SATIN
Subject for Bulfinch MYTH
Travel stops INNS
Type of details, oh my! LURID
Type of man or horse IRON
Type of sweater PULLON
Typical introduction? STEREO
Wears a long face MOPES
Westernmost of the Lesser Antilles ARUBA
Word in the MGM motto ARS
Yorkshire's largest city LEEDS