- Nov 9 2020

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Clues Answers
''. . . lived happily __ after'' EVER
''Excuse me'' throaty sound AHEM
''Not guilty,'' for example PLEA
Airplane-tracking device RADAR
Anti-drug cop, for short NARC
Appears to be SEEMS
Appliance for viewing movie rentals DVDPLAYER
Authentic REAL
Be introduced to MEET
Beavers' river blockers DAMS
Bravery in battle VALOR
Bring back to the payroll REHIRE
Camel's South American cousin LLAMA
Cincinnati's state OHIO
Consider to be DEEM
Damascus' country SYRIA
Dig further down DEEPEN
Dinosaur's egg or footprint FOSSIL
Donut's center HOLE
Double-curve letters ESSES
Drop of paint BLOB
Dull in color DRAB
Elm or fir TREE
Extra-comfy seats EASYCHAIRS
Family room seating for three people SOFA
Fit for the job ABLE
Flying-related prefix AERO
Fortune-teller SEER
Get a look at SEE
Get cash for SELL
Give the OK for ALLOW
Hate greatly LOATHE
Herb for pickles DILL
Hollywood headliner STAR
Hula dancers sway them HIPS
Leaks out slowly SEEPS
Make beer or tea BREW
Manicurist's __ board EMERY
Messy pile HEAP
Clues Answers
Microscope glass to look through LENS
Monastery leader ABBOT
More twisted, as a sense of humor WRYER
Newborn cow CALF
Office assistants AIDES
One with a diploma, for short GRAD
Online auction site EBAY
Part of your face that blinks EYELID
Pepsi or Coke COLA
Possess HAVE
Prayer's last word AMEN
Reveals, as one's teeth BARES
Scrabble, backgammon, etc BOARDGAMES
Season after summer FALL
Single-minded expert NERD
Smoothed, as wood SANDED
Snow-clearing vehicle PLOW
Soothing cream SALVE
Southwestern flat-topped hill MESA
Sports channel summary RECAP
Sports team's setback LOSS
Stop exercising for a while REST
Surface for playing billiards POOLTABLE
Swerve suddenly VEER
Taj Mahal's country INDIA
Take a bold chance DARE
Talk back to rudely SASS
Tall swamp grasses REEDS
Three-foot length YARD
Three-layer cookie OREO
Threesome TRIO
Tips of shoes TOES
Toward sunrise EAST
Typical Saudi ARAB
Walking sticks CANES
Wide belt SASH
__ and joy (something treasured) PRIDE
__ days (long ago) OLDEN
__ up (formed a queue) LINED