The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 1,095 - Nov 9 2020

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Clues Answers
Break outside school, as a sort of discipline RESTRAINT
Cunning good-looker, wicked inside DEVILISH
Didn't get rid of footballer given fewer opportunities than some? KEPT
Extreme coldness of nice sis changed for the worse ICINESS
Like an exclusive group in confrontation outside pub after upset CLANNISH
Member of Shadows performing as member of Beatles HARRISON
Mother's suffering — residence ultimately needed? RESTHOME
Newspaper facing doom for a limited period TIME
Note something that is supposed to make you feel better TONIC
Organ having an audience — introduction to recital LIVER
Participating in miracle, rich minister of religion CLERIC
Piece of linen in street I've recycled SERVIETTE
Pile of stones allowing Adam's son to cross river CAIRN
Put out of action on account of dreadfully bad lies DISABLE
Report of murder in vehicle SLEIGH
Clues Answers
Restrictions Charles imposed outside home CHAINS
Season half gone — sing, as one doing business MERCHANT
See 1 SLOT
See 15 DONE
See 6 BACK
See 9 LOSS
Supply dealt with? I applaud you! WELL
The Parisian boy gets a bit of instruction LESSON
There will be wind one day before long MONSOON
Those people taking English as a subject THEME
Wasted time and faded away, having embraced everyone DALLIED
What's stupidly loaded on to ship — it yields no profit DEAD
Woman trapped by lustful Roman Catholic priest CARDINAL
Worship with water coming in? That's completely stupid BRAINLESS
Young person, one who might work underground, would you say? MINOR