The Sun - Two Speed - Nov 9 2020

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Clues Answers
Accustom or align ORIENT
Admit to sins CONFESS
At the very back REARMOST
Background in the theatre? SCENERY
Backslide RELAPSE
Beaten ice hero's farewell CHEERIO
Bread is mine: thanks PITTA
Calf's flesh VEAL
Celebrity FAME
Country run by Russian banker RURAL
Cut gemstone surface FACET
Deceive with poetry talk CONVERSE
Decisive moment CRISIS
Degenerate Romeo asleep being drunk RELAPSE
Desire apparent in witchcraft ITCH
Devoured EATEN
Digested posh school report EATEN
Disclose forte in cooked scones CONFESS
East is point in right direction ORIENT
Effectiveness within climate ethics TEETH
Feature expert in business paper FACET
First-rate city like Dublin CAPITAL
Fizzy pop in fizzy pop for Francis Ford COPPOLA
Foreign office coppers finding target FOCUS
Formulation: men inside not involved with it OINTMENT
Goddess seen after credit crunch CRISIS
Clues Answers
Greek flatbread PITTA
Have a chat CONVERSE
Huge mass seen twice in turbulent Seine IMMENSE
Incantation SPELL
Italian film director COPPOLA
Kings and queens ROYALTY
Landscape SCENERY
Less well WORSE
Member in new store farthest from the front REARMOST
More severe misery involves vergers in Reims WORSE
Note from Antifa messenger FAME
One's choppers TEETH
Private path to house DRIVEWAY
Rage shown by monarch: tough old bird BOILER
Repulse without adult making approach DRIVEWAY
Restless longing ITCH
Rustic RURAL
Seizure rarest treated ARREST
Some love a little meat VEAL
Soothing balm OINTMENT
Submit dossier FILE
Time for magic formula SPELL
Top people in Troy lay rotting ROYALTY
Water heater BOILER
Zero in (on) FOCUS