New York Times - Nov 9 2020

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Clues Answers
'A long time ___ in a galaxy far, far away ...' ('Star Wars' intro) AGO
'Erin go ___!' BRAGH
'Keen!' NEATO
'That's ___ from me' (refusal) ANO
'Trees' in underwater forests KELPS
'What?,' in Oaxaca QUE
Against the law ILLEGAL
Alternative to Venmo CASH
Appropriate initials of 'stuff we all get' SWAG
Arthropod that can roll into a ball PILLBUG
Back muscle, for short LAT
Banana leftover PEEL
Best Actress nominee for 'Juno' ELLENPAGE
Big ___, nickname of baseball's David Ortiz PAPI
Brainstorms IDEAS
Busy person just before an election POLLTAKER
Carne ___ (grilled beef dish) ASADA
Comes down a mountain, in a way RAPPELS
Cosmetician Lauder ESTEE
Country whose name becomes another country if you change the last letter to a Q IRAN
Cry to a toreador OLE
Defining period ERA
Dots on a transit map STOPS
Edible mushroom with a honeycomb cap MOREL
Elective eye surgery LASIK
Farm animal that kicks MULE
Financial aid for college that doesn't need to be repaid PELLGRANT
Fix, as a shoe RESOLE
Flips out GOESAPE
For whom a product designer designs USER
Gets a whiff of SMELLS
Go by, as time ELAPSE
Grand ___ National Park TETON
Having tines PRONGED
Hay unit BALE
Home of Cardiff and Swansea WALES
Insects that love wool MOTHS
Clues Answers
It's said to have the thickest fur of any mammal OTTER
Like some beer at a bar ONTAP
Lures for magazine readers PULLQUOTES
Melted chocolate, e.g GOO
Minneapolis's twin city STPAUL
Mixed-breed dog that's part spaniel COCKAPOO
Musk who founded SpaceX ELON
Necessity for a teacher PUPIL
Number said just before 'Liftoff!' ONE
Olympic Dream Team inits USA
Op-ed piece, e.g ESSAY
Person with a basket or cart SHOPPER
Place in a mausoleum ENTOMB
Pledge drive giveaway TOTE
Raiser of the dead? PALLBEARER
Related to big business CORPORATE
Right to cross someone else's land EASEMENT
Rod, reel, tackle box, etc., for a fisher GEAR
Rummage (around) ROOT
Sample a soda, say SIP
Singer Lana Del ___ REY
Start of a newspaper article, in journalese LEDE
Thing with pads and claws PAW
Tiny bit IOTA
Trending hashtag beginning in 2017 METOO
Tribulation WOE
Tried to get elected RAN
Unstable chemical compound ENOL
Wanders ROAMS
What lieutenants do to captains SALUTE
When repeated, comforting words THERE
Word before mall or poker STRIP
Yanks' foes REBS
Young Scottish lady LASS
___ snail's pace ATA
___ Tokarczuk, 2018 Literature Nobelist OLGA