New York Times - Nov 8 2020

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Clues Answers
'Anything you'd like to ___?' ADD
'Don't be rude ... greet our guests!' SAYHI
'I'd rather pass' LETSNOT
'It's me ... duh!' WHOELSE
'Jackpot!' CHACHING
'Josephine the Singer, or the Mouse Folk' is the last short story he wrote KAFKA
'Just sayin',' in shorthand FWIW
'Sorry to intrude ...' AHEM
'Take that!' THERE
'To live without ___ is to cease to live': Dostoyevsky HOPE
'Way ahead of you' IKNOW
'Young Frankenstein' character played by Teri Garr INGA
4th order? FIREWORKS
Actor Elwes of 'The Princess Bride' CARY
Adele and Cher, e.g ALTOS
Aid for a small business MICROLOAN
All together now INUNISON
Amigo CHUM
Android alternative IOS
Appliance with apps SMARTTV
Axel ___, protagonist of 'Beverly Hills Cop' FOLEY
Breaks down ROTS
Brick made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene LEGO
Brings out EDUCES
Brink EDGE
Buzzed hairstyle FLATTOP
Bygone forensic spinoff CSINY
Carries out DOES
Certain monkey ... or monk CAPUCHIN
Certain sexual preferences KINKS
Chicago mayor Lightfoot LORI
Coat from a goat MOHAIR
Compliment to a runway model? YOUGOTTHATSTRUT
Costly cuts TBONES
Cover for 'little piggies' BOOTEE
De-lights? DIMS
Dev of 'Slumdog Millionaire' PATEL
Downfall in many an Agatha Christie novel POISON
Drain SAP
Drew back EBBED
Drink after drink? CHASER
Driver's org., no matter how you slice it? PGA
Earnings PAY
Easily offended by foul language? CUSSSENSITIVE
El Dorado treasure ORO
Elba who played Macavity in 2019's 'Cats' IDRIS
Emeritus: Abbr RET
Farm-to-table consumer LOCAVORE
Fashionable pair ITEM
First two words of 'Green Eggs and Ham' IAM
Fresh from a keg ONTAP
Friend with a rhyming description GALPAL
Get into gear SHIFT
Give attitude SASS
High point of Greek civilization? OLYMPUS
Instruction for a course? RECIPE
Interjections akin to 'Yeah, su-u-ure!' HAHS
Italian automotive hub TURIN
Jackanapes IMP
Japanese roadster since 1989 MIATA
Kind of chemical bond in salts IONIC
Kind of high ground MORAL
Lifelong bud, slangily BFF
Lifesavers, for short EMTS
Like a sparsely attended party DEAD
Like apple seeds, if eaten in huge quantities LETHAL
Lived in a blue state? FELTSAD
Loonie or toonie COIN
Low card in Texas hold'em DEUCE
Malbec and syrah, e.g REDS
Clues Answers
Marauder of old HUN
Masters of slapstick? MUCKUPARTISTS
Mississippi ___ pie MUD
MXN, on a currency chart PESOS
Needless to say CLEARLY
Neil with the hit 'Breaking Up Is Hard to Do' SEDAKA
New ___ AGER
Oil-rich state, for short UAE
One end of the PolitiFact meter TRUE
One might be hard to sit for BRAT
One needing new, unburned pants? LIAR
Org. that awards the Safer Choice label EPA
Org. that sponsored the design competition for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial NEA
Pacific island ring LEI
Part of a dean's address EDU
Part of a prairie skyline SILO
Partner of hem HAW
Pelvic exercises KEGELS
Piece of equipment for gold medalist Lindsey Vonn SKI
Pipes at some bars HOOKAHS
Prepared for a field trip? LOADEDTHEBUSES
Question to a tantrum thrower? WHYTHELONGFUSS
Quits at the last minute BAILS
Rap producers' favorite vegetables? BEETS
Released ISSUED
Relics proving how Noah steered his boat? RUDDERSOFTHELOSTARK
Residence that might be named for a donor DORM
Retinal receptor ROD
Role model IDOL
Role model HERO
Rules' partner, for short REGS
See 66-Down HERE
Shooting sport SKEET
Showy basket DUNK
Sidestep ELUDE
Sighting aptly found in 'Are you for real?' UFO
Sign of summer LEO
Some are named for kings and queens ERAS
Some donations ALMS
Something to do for recovery? SUE
Spanish 'sun' SOL
Stable supply HAY
Starting piece on a1 or h8, say ROOK
Stately street liners ELMS
Stops harping on something DROPSIT
Stow cargo LADE
Strict commitment ADHERENCE
Subject of many an off-season rumor FREEAGENT
Tee type VNECK
Thingamabob DOODAD
Title for an oral surgeon's handbook? THENUMBOFTHEGUM
Trade blows SPAR
Trial WOE
Vivacious quality SPUNK
Wet-Nap, for one WIPE
What a meta clue might do to itself REFER
Willing subject ESTATE
With 65-Down, 'Ditto' SAME
Word that sounds like its first letter OWE
World capital established in 1535 LIMA
World No. 1 tennis player between Navratilova and Seles GRAF
Yearns (for) LUSTS
___ and Caicos TURKS
___ fixe IDEE
___ Rudolph, portrayer of Kamala Harris on 'S.N.L.' MAYA
___ Slam (tennis feat) SERENA