Wall Street Journal - Nov 7 2020 - Animal Lovers

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Clues Answers
“Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks” musician ENO
“Keen!” NEATO
“Roar!” “Roar!”? LIONEXCHANGE
“Show some appreciation!” HATSOFF
“Sprechen ___ Deutsch?” SIE
“The Friendly Persuasion” writer West JESSAMYN
“Turn up the heat!” BRR
“What’s here? ___ closed in my true love’s hand?”: Juliet ACUP
ABBA’s “___ the Music Speak” ILET
Alexandria location NILEDELTA
Altar words IDO
And so on, briefly ETC
Artery to the head CAROTID
Attic accumulation DUST
Bank claim LIEN
Banshees’ output HOWLS
Battery terminal ANODE
Bear’s picnic loot? CUBSANDWICH
Beautifully pristine EDENIC
Below-the-sink pipe fixture UTRAP
Bigger than big MEGA
Burger joint supply ONIONS
Calendar heading MTWTF
California rolls, e.g SUSHI
Called for massaging ACHED
Canterbury cash POUNDS
Chill, so to speak REST
Chit IOU
Colorful squawker MACAW
Congregant’s characteristic PIETY
Congressional creation LAW
Considered SEENAS
Coup d’___ ETAT
Crash curer TECH
Crew item OAR
Cry of discovery AHA
Deck quartet ACES
Deer painter’s assistant? ROEMODEL
Destroyed UNMADE
Distinctive times ERAS
Dogs named for a Japanese prefecture AKITAS
Dress with a flare ALINE
Duck dwellings? TEALHOUSES
Ear embellishment STUD
Element of an element ATOM
Explorer of the Canadian coast CABOT
Expression of corporate compassion WECARE
Eye slyly PEEKAT
Fermented rice product SAKE
Fiber source BRAN
Field AREA
Finds fault SNIPES
Fix a lawn, perhaps RESOD
Flatfish couple? COFLOUNDERS
Food box abbr NETWT
Future atty.’s exam LSAT
Godlike DEIFIC
Gogol story about an errant facial feature THENOSE
GPS predecessor LORAN
Green maj ECOL
Guitar neck dividers FRETS
Gun lobby NRA
Hair clump TUFT
Hardy’s “A Pure Woman Faithfully Presented” TESS
Hesitant taste SIP
Home state of Mamie Eisenhower and Herbert Hoover IOWA
Iditarod finish NOME
Intentionally ambiguous DELPHIC
Clues Answers
Involving carnage GORY
It’s not the same OTHER
Itinerary abbr ETA
Japanese writing system KANJI
Killer whale ORCA
Landlord’s income RENT
Lapel adornment PIN
Life’s essentials NEEDS
Like all prime numbers but one ODD
Like panang curry THAI
Like the whitest snow NEWFALLEN
Linger TARRY
Litter-ature? PUPFICTION
Little fish MINNOWS
Magician’s apparent repository THINAIR
Maines of the Chicks NATALIE
Manservant VALET
McGregor of “Doctor Sleep” EWAN
Med. student’s study ANAT
Meghan, to George, Charlotte and Louis AUNT
Mob turncoat RAT
Mornings: Abbr AMS
Napa neighbor SONOMA
Night noise SNORE
Noncommittal reply IMAY
Not prepaid, as a mailed parcel SENTCOD
Notwithstanding, in brief ALTHO
Ostrich’s Australian cousin EMU
Ostriches’ South American cousins RHEAS
Passion ARDOR
Pertinent to the discussion MATERIAL
Plant firmly EMBED
Portended FORERAN
Prepared for a safe ride BELTEDIN
Prepared to remove, perhaps UNSCREWED
Primly stiff FORMAL
Profitable extraction ORE
Prospero’s assistant ARIEL
Rainbow shapes ARCS
Reading of signs, of a sort HOROSCOPE
Rotten, in Rugby SPOILT
Scalp invasion force? LICEPACK
Sigher’s phrase OHME
Simple MERE
Sister of Set ISIS
Skater Midori ITO
Slugger Sammy SOSA
Smaller than small MICRO
Source of cookies, sometimes WEBSITES
Takes in BEHOLDS
Targets of bench-pressing PECS
Texter’s expression of gratitude THX
That woman SHE
Thurman of “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues” UMA
Timber wolf LOBO
Touch off IGNITE
USS Arizona Memorial setting OAHU
Viper-vending business? ADDERCOMPANY
Wallowing, perhaps? SOWMOTION
Warning wail SIREN
Was immoderate with OVERDID
Washed out PALE
Wharton’s university PENN
Woman bid “Goodnight” in a Lead Belly song IRENE
Woman’s name that sounds like two letters ELSIE
Zac of “The Greatest Showman” EFRON
___ iniquity DENOF