The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8430

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Clues Answers
Agreement ASSENT
Argument DISPUTE
Assign (resources) ALLOCATE
Building against another one lean-to
Cow's milk gland UDDER
Dead end cul-de-sac
Element; poison ARSENIC
English river CAM
Former gold coin DUCAT
Glow visible under UV FLUORESCENCE
Group of ships FLEET
Indic language URDU
Clues Answers
Lacking a logical sequence DISCONNECTED
Lacking sound reasoning ILLOGICAL
Long seat SOFA
Most profound DEEPEST
Partial darkness GLOOM
Performed, carried out DID
Period of history ERA
Race timer STOPWATCH
Resin used for varnish SHELLAC
Spiny insectivore HEDGEHOG
US artist known for portrait of his mother WHISTLER