Universal - Nov 6 2020

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Clues Answers
"... but I could be wrong" ORNOT
"Here's a thought ..." SAY
"I think," in a text IMO
"Jeopardy!" clue: Abbr ANS
"Just noticed you there!" OHHEY
"___ mine!" ITS
Archaeologist: "The 'Pharaoh's Curse' will harm no one" / King Tut: "___" OVERMYDEADBODY
Bit part, of a sort CAMEO
Blighted area WASTELAND
Boston-to-Providence dir SSW
Brain scan: Abbr EEG
Burdens for many students LOANS
Casino patron: "This is my lucky day!" / Dealer: "___" DONTBETONIT
Circulatory vessel ARTERY
Compressed video format MPEG
Crustacean in a cocktail SHRIMP
Elsa's sister in "Frozen" ANNA
English teacher: "You will write formally" / Student: "___" AINTGONNAHAPPEN
Expanses of territory TRACTS
Fido shakes with it PAW
Furniture decoration INLAY
Gymnast's ideal TEN
Hours that start in Mar DST
In a yellow submarine, maybe ASEA
In the past AGO
Indy 500 unit LAP
Kitten's call MEW
Kurylenko or Korbut OLGA
Laudatory poems ODES
Lead-in to "the season" TIS
Long period EON
Long periods EPOCHS
Major city in Brazil, briefly RIO
Mathematician Turing ALAN
More unfriendly ICIER
Mount Olympus figures GODS
Needing kibble, perhaps UNFED
NOW supports it ERA
Clues Answers
One of The Jackson 5 TITO
Orange Muppet ERNIE
Oven user's wear MITT
Pollution portmanteau SMOG
Pottymouth: "C'mon, cuss!" / Prude: "___" NOCHANCEINHECK
Prefix with "center" EPI
Previously established KNOWN
Pungent bagel variety ONION
Queequeg's captain AHAB
Rattles on GABS
Record label for Shakira RCA
Restaurant offering DISH
Road crack filler TAR
Rodeo rope LASSO
San ___ Obispo LUIS
Second-to-last "Macbeth" section ACTIV
Sentimental sort SOFTIE
Singer Payne LIAM
Slight presence TINGE
Small troublemaker IMP
Song within "Marian Anderson" ARIA
Strands at a crime scene? DNA
Sunoco competitor CITGO
Superfan STAN
Support piece BRACE
Symbol of a sharp wit RAPIER
Take a whack at TRY
Take over COOPT
This, in Spanish ESTA
Tolkien horror ORC
Top group of athletes ATEAM
Top-quality PRIMO
UNC's sports group ACC
Unleashed FREED
Wilbur: "Can I train to be a pilot?" / Instructor: "___" WHENPIGSFLY
Word with "mixed" or "sleeping" BAG
Wynonna Judd's mom NAOMI
___ continuum SPACETIME