New York Times - Nov 6 2020

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Clues Answers
!, in some programming languages NOT
'... now ___ the future' ORIN
'Dirty Harry' org SFPD
'I ___ noticed' HADNT
'Still ...' EVENTHEN
'Thus ...' ANDSO
A.C.C. basketball powerhouse UVA
Abbr. on a family tree DESC
Absolutely crazy BANANAS
Bo-o-oring BLAH
Buckingham Palace attendant YEOMAN
Bunches ALOT
Crafts created on a rotating platform SPINART
Daydreaming, maybe INATTENTIVE
Diagnostic computer setting SAFEMODE
Director of 'Get Out' and 'Us' PEELE
Disney character who sings 'Part of Your World' ARIEL
Easy-listening music EARCANDY
Festival de ___ CANNES
Figure skating maneuver LUTZ
Gender-neutral possessive ONES
German opposite of 'junge' ALTE
Had done, as a portrait SATFOR
Hello or goodbye CIAO
Hunches SENSES
In case LEST
Kind of code PENAL
Kind of medical exam AURAL
Le ___ (French port) HAVRE
Legal fig ATT
Length of time spent on hold, it often seems EON
Lipton competitor TETLEY
Loaded questions? BARTRIVIA
Clues Answers
Makes a big mistake SINS
Month after avril MAI
More familiar term for omphaloskeptics NAVELGAZERS
More urgent DIRER
Muscleman who co-starred in 'Rocky III' MRT
No longer bothered by USEDTO
Part of an apathetic remark FORALLICARE
Parties with black lights, maybe RAVES
PBS-funding org NEA
Pickup order? TAXI
Political ___ ARENA
Quarters abroad, maybe HOSTELS
R.O.T.C. group CADETS
Reacted in wonderment OOHED
Really bothered DROVENUTS
Rent out LET
Risen, in a way LEAVENED
Rutherford and Shackleton, for two ERNESTS
Satisfies, as with a small snack TIDESOVER
Sides of a conversion FAITHS
Something summoned via a pentagram DEMON
Soup-soaked bread, say SOP
Sources of tofu SOYAS
Spoil, with 'on' DOTE
Stereotypical cowboy nickname TEX
Stranger ODDER
Strip at the beach? TANLINE
Take a good, long look at yourself? EGOSURF
Tamil title SRI
Uncultured sorts Philistines
Wane EBB
When it's all *finally* over BITTEREND
YouTube star Chamberlain, whom The Atlantic called 'the most talked-about teen influencer in the world' EMMA
[Kerplop!] SPLAT
___ value RESALE