Irish Times (Crosaire) - Nov 6 2020

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Clues Answers
A relative of Daisy's, with a Californian mother, gets 50% of lock-up premises in Clare CAMOMILE
A ward for half of those in 17 down GIFT
Bar applause for new measures? INNOVATION
Blows things out of all proportion perhaps by exaggerating what's in The Mirror MAGNIFYINGGLASS
College in Trim near IT has debts - the type synonymous with the bookmakers FICTITIOUS
Fourth Estate finally taken in by summaries coming out of the biscuit factory DIGESTIVES
Francis Bacon dismisses canons manipulated by the man of the cloth FABRIC
Free's albums? RELEASES
Great service without ultimate wine and spirit GRIT
It's a risky business for those overseeing student applications admitting error CASINO
Local pitch in 24 across is similar DONATE
No hints in Christian name from us? AMERICAN
Organisation has no money to open negotiations for type of horses UNBROKEN
Parts of the cabbages with rotten leaves HEADSOFF
Clues Answers
Passover in Split and not at home LEAVEOUT
Pay more for holiday by opening papers OUTBID
Place to meet similar people eager to join company on strike SOCIALCLUB
Popular supporter is on time with recent delivery INFANT
Republican party welcomes awful shift for the present GIFTSHOP
Sailor finds drugs for addict ABUSER
Sensational missing lines from Beethoven's Moonlight SONATA
Service provided by The Border's mail order business MASS
Someone knowing the rights and wrongs of test, in a manner of speaking, found in Cloud MORALIST
Sweaty heartless chairman is starting trouble MOIST
The extremes of opium den to be honest OPEN
Turns up starting trouble with Roman emperor over island in the east ORIENT
Went through the numbers with the paper girl from the start SUNG
Young woman rescuing hamster from salt marshes LASS