USA Today - Dec 25 2020

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Clues Answers
'Hair Love,' for example ANIMATEDSHORT
'It made sense the first time!' IGOTIT
'Last Dance' singer Summer DONNA
'Mar' in English SEA
'Mister' in Spanish SENOR
'My response was . . .' ISAID
'One Night in Miami' star Goree ELI
'Water' in Spanish AGUA
'What's your best estimate?' GUESS
24-hour period DAY
Adjective for cool weather CRISP
After-dinner freebie MINT
Aligns SYNCS
Angkor Wat's continent ASIA
Archetype PARADIGM
Author ___ Weijun Wang ESME
Back tooth MOLAR
Billboards, e.g ADS
Bit of body art, for short TAT
Black Lives Matter co-founder Garza ALICIA
Color HUE
Determined person GOGETTER
Eagerness THIRST
Food with a shell TACO
Garage band sessions JAMS
Glossary item TERM
Gospel singer Tamela MANN
Got ready for a surprise party's big moment HID
Grill fuel GAS
Group spirit MORALE
Half of a colon DOT
Hari Kondabolu's 'The Problem with ___' APU
Haughty person SNOB
Home for a pet fish TANK
Initials of urgency ASAP
It might be on the floor when you wake up DURAG
IVF cells OVA
Low-difficulty EASY
Clues Answers
Many Christmas trees FIRS
Morrison novel that followed 'The Bluest Eye' SULA
Music storage devices that can be 'burned' CDS
Nail polish brand ESSIE
Nonprofessionals AMATEURS
Not have LACK
Number of seasons for 'Family Matters' NINE
Opposite of least MOST
Outer part of a lemon RIND
Overnight stopping place INN
Payment FEE
Pigeon's sound COO
Poet Sharon OLDS
Poke bowl topping ROE
Possibility CHANCE
Pronoun trio HEHIMHIS
Protected SAFE
Pusheen, for example CAT
Raced SPED
Respectful address AUNTIE
Rowing machine, for short ERG
Samoan dessert POI
Secures the win BRINGSITHOME
Shoddy JANKY
Strolls AMBLES
Throw to a teammate PASS
Title word before 'Wars' or 'Trek' STAR
Unsure which option to go with TORN
Water brand that's an adjective backwards EVIAN
Wild flower in a Louise Gluck title IRIS
Winter accessory HAT
___ chi TAI
___ Francisco SAN
___ luego ('Until then!') HASTA
___ Tacs TIC
___ worth NET