Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Nov 25 2020

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Clues Answers
"Downton Abbey" channel PBS
"Hud" actress Patricia NEAL
"No seats" SRO
"So be it" AMEN
"The Thin Man" dog ASTA
"— Town" OUR
911 responder EMT
Actor Hemsworth LIAM
Actor Sharif OMAR
Bank statement no ACCT
BBQ appliances SMOKERS
Blue SAD
Branch ARM
Breakfast orders PANCAKES
Cattle call MOO
Cauldron POT
Chopper AXE
Cold War initials USSR
Conclusion END
Diving duck SMEW
Doc's "Now!" STAT
Eucalyptus eaters KOALAS
Expire LAPSE
Fishing rod POLE
Furnace fuel COAL
Gender SEX
Grand view PANORAMA
H.H. Munro's pen name SAKI
Hayek of "Frida" SALMA
Inventor Nikola TESLA
Jet speed measure MACH
Clues Answers
Jungfrau, e.g ALP
Kigali's land RWANDA
Lamb's dam EWE
Latin 101 word AMAT
Loathe HATE
Mama's mate PAPA
Military conflicts WARS
Monk's title DOM
More wacky LOONIER
Mother of Zeus RHEA
Nest setting TREE
Never again? ONCE
New England cape ANN
Noah's landfall ARARAT
Obliterate ERASE
Paris street RUE
Queue after Q RSTU
Reed instrument OBOE
Say it's so AVER
Sitting Bull's tribe LAKOTA
Speck DOT
St. crosser AVE
Strictly — nous ENTRE
Stylish bun TOPKNOT
Sultry Horne LENA
Taboos NONOS
Talk show guest PANELIST
Tours season ETE
Zodiac feline LEO
— Hari MATA