Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Nov 19 2020

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Clues Answers
"The Time Machine" people ELOI
"— arigato" DOMO
1991 De Niro thriller CAPEFEAR
Actor Linden HAL
Afternoon get-together TEA
Arctic plain TUNDRA
Band boosters AMPS
Bangkok language THAI
Bowlful served with chips PARTYDIP
Calendar abbr FRI
Capote nickname TRU
Col. Sanders' chain KFC
Commotion ADO
Conceit EGO
Concerning RE
Crooned SUNG
Curator's focus ART
Declare ASSERT
Eccentric SCREWY
Fish story LIE
Golf props TEES
Has a bug AILS
Inert gas NEON
IRS employees CPAS
It's rolled out by a pastry chef PIEDOUGH
Little rascal IMP
Lotion additive ALOE
Manitoba's land CANADA
Marseilles monarch ROI
Meddlers YENTAS
Mediocre SOSO
Clues Answers
Melody AIR
Millinery HATS
Moreover AND
Mound stat ERA
Nemesis FOE
Ogler's look LEER
Oil cartel OPEC
Pleads BEGS
Police identifiers BADGES
Prom dress GOWN
Quarterback Manning ELI
Rani's wrap SARI
Retained KEPT
Roulette bet RED
Royal insomnia cause PEA
Skillet PAN
Slugger Moises ALOU
Solidify GEL
Spanish greeting HOLA
Sunglasses SHADES
Tarzan's clique APES
Taxpayer IDs SSNS
Tears RIPS
To boot ALSO
Tot's appointment PLAYDATE
Trawler gear NETS
Urging (on) EGGING
Vast expanse SEA
Work hard TOIL
You and I WE
— de plume NOM