Universal - Nov 4 2020

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Clues Answers
"Absolutely!" YES
"All I ___ wanted ..." EVER
"Hilarious!" GOODONE
"Moonrise Kingdom" director Anderson WES
"See you ___!" AROUND
"Siddhartha" novelist HESSE
"Telephone Line" grp ELO
"The Hunger Games" author Suzanne COLLINS
"The Princess Bride" actor Cary ELWES
"Totally tubular!" RAD
911 responders, briefly EMTS
Ascended WENTUP
Australian bird EMU
Back of a hit record BSIDE
Ball or globe ORB
Basketball court marking FOULLINE
Beer source TAP
Belief in a nonintervening God DEISM
Buffalo Bills' grp AFC
By what means HOW
Cake section TIER
Card that a jack beats TEN
CBS show with special agents NCIS
Cents' counterpart DOLLARS
Cliff face process EROSION
Contribute to a pledge drive DONATE
Dance move that resembles covering a sneeze DAB
Demolition letters TNT
Ditty TUNE
Dogs beg for it PEOPLEFOOD
Dripping WET
Encumbrance ONUS
Errors like "yhis" TYPOS
Exclude from consideration RULEOUT
Farming prefix AGRO
Feeling more down SADDER
Fireplace stack WOOD
Genetic copy CLONE
Clues Answers
Grew disillusioned SOURED
Handed out hands DEALT
It's tightly strung BOW
Jennifer of "Friends" ANISTON
Keats poem ODE
Kind of support some chairs provide LUMBAR
Library IDs ISBNS
Lot measure ACRE
Minecraft finds ORES
Monotonous HUMDRUM
Mummies' resting places TOMBS
Nevada's third most populous city RENO
Not hers or theirs HIS
One has one cell AMOEBA
One having trouble getting off the web? FLY
Parting word in France ADIEU
Perched upon ATOP
Person without manners BOOR
Popular cereal or board game LIFE
Post-prom event, or where each word in 16-, 28-, 33- and 43-Across can go AFTERPARTY
Practice exercise DRILL
Resident of Riyadh SAUDI
Resting state REPOSE
Seeing a raven may be a bad one OMEN
Start of a play ACTI
String instrument that's also a name VIOLA
Suffix with "Gator" ADE
Truffle seasoning SEASALT
Undamaged INTACT
What a tease might give you, with "a" HARDTIME
Withstand ENDURE
Word after "sticky" or "cinnamon" BUN
Words after a failed call transfer STILLME
Zamboni's surface ICE
___ Wayne ("Uproar" rapper) LIL
___ Wednesday ASH