- Nov 2 2020

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Clues Answers
''Cran'' or ''rasp'' edible BERRY
''Do __ others . . .'' UNTO
''That's a possibility for me'' IMAY
''You __ not alone'' ARE
''__ a chance!'' (''Forget it!'') NOT
''__ with the Wind'' GONE
Absentee for an appointment NOSHOW
Airplane with no pilot DRONE
Annoy constantly PESTER
Apple or orange FRUIT
Astronaut Armstrong NEIL
At any time EVER
Aussie bearlike beast KOALA
Before __ (soon) LONG
Booklets with player rosters sold at stadiums SCORECARDS
Commuter vehicle on rails TRAIN
Deduce by logic INFER
Designer __ Saint Laurent YVES
Destroy totally RUIN
Dust in a chimney SOOT
Edible ice-cream holder CONE
Fashion sense STYLE
Feeling mopey SAD
Full of good sense WISE
Full of oneself VAIN
Fundamental, as a skill BASIC
German auto AUDI
Give temporarily LEND
Glass sheets in windows PANES
Higher than OVER
Higher than ABOVE
Honeybees' home HIVE
Hopping Easter animal BUNNY
Initial poker payment ANTE
Intended MEANT
Japanese robe KIMONO
Job to be done TASK
Just slightly ABIT
Clues Answers
Large families, humorously TRIBES
Look impolitely LEER
Mail routing abbr ATTN
Mediocre SOSO
Message made by pilots SKYWRITING
Miles away AFAR
Needing neatening MESSY
Nest-egg accounts: Abbr IRAS
New Zealand flightless bird KIWI
Not doing anything IDLE
Overdo it with affection DOTE
Person eating at a restaurant DINER
Person from Stockholm SWEDE
Poster ads on highways BILLBOARDS
Practice for a boxing match SPAR
Prepared to propose by lowering oneself KNELT
Prohibited thing NONO
Region AREA
Rocks dug up from mines ORES
Royal decrees EDICTS
Salespersons, for short REPS
Seoul, South __ KOREA
Small pie TART
Star's bit part CAMEO
Surprise greatly STUN
Tablets for writing PADS
The Stars and Stripes FLAG
Tranquil SERENE
Trick-or-treaters in white sheets GHOSTS
Type of 44 Across ROTH
War-ending agreement TREATY
Was obligated to OWED
Watermelon covering RIND
Window ledges SILLS
Without any skill INEPT
__ and crafts ARTS
__ congestion (cold symptom) NASAL
__ milk (fat-free drink) SKIM
__-day (common vitamin dosage) ONEA