- Nov 1 2020

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Clues Answers
''Cheers'' server CARLA
''Dennis the Menace'' cartoonist HANKKETCHAM
''Drat!'' PHOOEY
''If only!'' IWISH
''Mere'' people MORTALS
''Shudder'' starter for ''some'' GRUE
''Take Five'' jazzman DAVEBRUBECK
''You shouldn't have done that!'' TSK
Accepts enthusiastically EMBRACES
Actor Epps OMAR
Actress Hannah DARYL
Actress Zellweger RENEE
Advances in rank RISES
Anti-fur org PETA
Any of an '80s PC team IBMER
Arab League sultanate OMAN
Aromatherapy liquid LAVENDEROIL
Art Deco illustrator ERTE
Authors (as a verb) PENS
Best Picture 1 Across winner for 2012 ARGO
Big beverage brewers URNS
Boutique merchandise DRESSES
Brief concession ILOSE
Browning and Byron POETS
Burdened LADEN
Can't bear HATE
Canadian clod HOSER
Carne __ (burrito filling) ASADA
Cause to be concerned ALARM
Certain rural plane CROPDUSTER
Coke alternative PEPSI
Common clickers MICE
Crossed marks EXES
Dairy-less diet PALEO
Dark blue NAVY
Dench and Winslet, in a 2001 biopic IRISMURDOCH
Descriptor for LAX or JFK INTL
Desserts, candies, etc SWEETS
Drinks for everyone ROUND
DVR button REC
Electrical measures AMPS
Federal audit agcy GAO
First to arrive ADAM
French state ETAT
Get a grin from AMUSE
Getting going STARTINGUP
Gladden greatly ELATE
Green gems JADES
Group of naysayers ANTIS
Had a sandwich, perhaps ATELUNCH
Hanukkah pancake LATKE
Harshness of tone ASPERITY
Headquartered BASED
Highly perceptive ACUTE
Industrial tank VAT
Instrument array PANEL
iPhone ancestors: Abbr PDAS
Irritating to the eyes ACRID
Ivy's twiner TENDRIL
Keep from happening AVERT
Land around the South China Sea MALAYSIA
Leno's ''Tonight Show'' successor JIMMYFALLON
Long garment MAXI
Look down on SCORN
Lose control RUNAMOK
Lunar valley RILL
Marching band group SAXES
McEnroe contemporary LENDL
Melted, in Marseille FONDU
Mideast capital ABUDHABI
Clues Answers
Nabokov novel PNIN
Network launched as CNN2 HLN
Nickname alternative to Terry TESSA
No later than UNTIL
Nonarrival ABSENTEE
Nonreactive in the lab INERT
Not capricious STAID
One from Belgrade SERB
One word in the 10 longest answers, if one letter is changed BIRD
Pasta ''alla vodka'' PENNE
Planning, for short PREP
Playwright Fugard ATHOL
Poetic preposition ERE
Port of Yemen ADEN
Post-op areas ICUS
Postcard sentiment MISSYOU
Predatory dolphin ORCA
Put forth, as a question POSIT
Race of 3+ mi FIVEK
Really long time EONS
Red veggie RADISH
Regarding INRE
Role model, slangily INSPO
Rudolph's claim to fame REDNOSE
Salty water SEAS
Scriptural poem PSALM
See 29 Down UTAH
Sharp as __ ATACK
Shove off SAIL
Sign of condensation ETC
Small advantage EDGE
Smile broadly BEAM
Snarky SNIDE
Soil-enriching material MULCH
Sort of steak TBONE
SSA assignments IDNOS
Stirs or shakes up MIXES
Straight __ arrow ASAN
Stretched to the max TAUT
Strollers in Surrey PRAMS
Succeed in a big way GETFAR
Surpassed in splendor OUTSHONE
Taco topping HOTSAUCE
The elite HAVES
Things we share OURS
Thurman of ''Pulp Fiction'' UMA
Tilted type, for short ITALS
Tinseltown trophy OSCAR
Tiny bit of dust SPECK
Title for Merkel FRAU
Tops of org charts CEOS
Train patron RIDER
Tugboat sound TOOT
Tutu material TULLE
TV pro bono spot PSA
Ubiquitous Japanese restaurants RAMENSHOPS
Uses a ridesharing app UBERS
Warner __ BROS
What an 87 Across might be ALES
What many 3 Down have MBAS
What surrounds 96 Across PERSIANGULF
Where ''The Kiss'' is kept MUSEERODIN
Where a fork might form ROAD
Where L. Frank Baum set his best-known novel KANS
With 24 Down, city near Provo OREM
With no place __ (SRO) TOSIT
Witherspoon with a 1 Across REESE
Would-be DA's hurdle LSAT
Xylophone kin VIBES
YMCA class CPR
Youngest Girl Scout DAISY