The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27812

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Clues Answers
A long time going round the Colosseum? ARENA
Become angry about Republican surge STREAM
Beer drinking backbencher maybe on English vote: it’s a warning EXAMPLE
Constable collection can be seen here new scotland yard
Cut pace and lose out ESCALOPE
Damn shame pleb’s on the loose BLASPHEME
Dignified female author holding sway DOWAGER
Dire fare cooked only for a few RAREFIED
Eccentric offering of a tea shop? FRUITCAKE
Health hazard in the Commons? Run for it! HOUSEFLY
Island of our forebears eerily empty ANGLESEY
Less than 50% of women do without support financially ENDOW
Losing power, call Hebridean destination SKYE
Perhaps clutch ring worn by daughter PEDAL
Philosopher a product of Yale, they say LOCKE
Clues Answers
Place of learning and inspiration? Let me see MUSEUM
Plant parasite almost engulfing top of tree LOTUS
Produce books devoured by grumpy old woman trot out
Radical change sees tribal leader quoted in court shake-up
Remote spot: D for the cruciverbalist? the back of beyond
Repeatedly manhandle fruit PAWPAW
School actors in retreat concerning programme maker PODCASTER
Shelter provided by social worker in house lean-to
Star cooped up, putting on some weight PENTAGRAM
Supporter heading west astride a horse ARAB
Upset teacher grabbing unmarried mum BOTHERED
Very like a member of a Motown group? SUPREMELY
Where you might be kept waiting for a bit of bread? DOORSTEP
Who’ll guide a dreamer lost without plan at first? map reader
Wife leaving layabout, one often found in bed? ASTER