Family Time - Nov 1 2020

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Clues Answers
"Me ___!" ("Please include me!") TOO
"Wait, it'll come to me ..." HMM
"___ me get back to you" LET
"___ will be done" THY
37-Across is one POME
71, in 40 + 31 SUM
A day's 24, briefly HRS
A juicy fruit PEAR
A piece of living room furniture SOFA
Bad thing for a battery to do DIE
Be a narrator TELL
Boys Scouts' serious statement OATH
Bungle BOTCH
Common breakfast food TOAST
Common vegetable PEA
Conclusion END
Container for many peaches CRATE
Creature in a hive BEE
Exec's written reminder MEMO
Fish eggs ROE
Flying night mammal BAT
Gift for those deplaning in Hawaii LEI
Good thing to have in winter COAT
Granny Smith source (2 words) APPLETREE
Indiana, for one STATE
Is holding on to HAS
Is priced at COSTS
It goes with a nice suit TIE
It increases music volume AMP
It's a phenomenal beater HEART
Jog, to a horse TROT
Like a one-in-a-million chance RARE
Like supersoft caramel GOO
Clues Answers
Like very, very old tires BALD
Little summary of what the teacher said NOTE
Medicinal plant, ___ vera ALOE
Munch on burgers EAT
One of the debate sides PRO
One way to show great happiness DANCE
Orthodontists examine them TEETH
Pierce with a pointed stick STAB
Play an important role? ACT
Post a sad emoji, say REACT
Ready to be rinsed off SOAPY
Rug buyer's measurement AREA
Scientist's room LAB
Separator of rooms HALL
Soft "Over here!" sound PSST
Some dog parts PAWS
Standard golfing score PAR
Swimming between continents ASEA
The Rockies, for one (2 words) MOUNTAINCHAIN
They haven't been walking long TOTS
Thin strip of wood SLAT
Thing cracked in a cryptogram CODE
Truck at a fire's color RED
Turns 100 AGES
Type of bag for heavy shopping TOTE
Type of colony PENAL
Volcanic eruption fallout ASH
Water pusher OAR
What the sales department must do SELL
White blood ___ CELL
Wild period of shopping SPREE
With practically no thickness (2 words) WAFERTHIN
You can skip it in school ROPE