- Oct 31 2020

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Clues Answers
''. . . Tin Tin'' plot portion, per the title ADVENTURE
''Macbeth'' witches' place HEATH
''Time to play!'' GAMEON
''To get right to the point . . .'' IWONTMINCEWORDS
50 Cent mentor DRE
Accompany before training, say SEEOFF
Acronym coined by the US Signal Corps RADAR
Address often heard in Netflix's ''The Crown'' MAAM
Aged, it pairs well with pears EDAM
Anti-bug brand NOPEST
Avaricious outburst MINE
Ballad's conclusion EER
British contemporary of Richard Strauss HOLST
Brown named for a town SIENNA
Chief-led orgs PDS
Co-op seller for campers REI
Connors' current emulator, per Connors NADAL
Couldn't stay up SLID
Did some doctoring for DOSED
Did zip IDLED
Draw off DECOY
Expecting eagerly AGOG
Far from dulcet ATONAL
Fermi, as a new Nobelist EMIGRE
First British Best Musical Tony winner EVITA
Flimsy lock WISP
Fundraiser scrapped by rain TENK
Get away from Handel operas ELOPE
Getting enough sleep, eating well, etc SELFCARE
How some coolers are made ICELESS
How you may spell ''Relief!'' TGIF
In installments EPISODIC
Inaugurate PIONEER
Industry exemplars DOERS
Clues Answers
Influential figure NABOB
Instructions to a sitter BEDTIMES
Involves in intrigue MIRES
It's not easy POSER
Kin of -ify ESCE
Many of today's tennis pros GRUNTERS
Materials to be used, e.g SPEC
Memorabilia suffix ANA
Oblique VEILED
Opposition FOES
Pot spot STOVE
Really mean EVIL
Scattered STRAY
Sheets, but not pillowcases OVENWARE
Temp's downfall COLDWAVE
They're loaded CARGOS
Trying to catch better, perhaps LEANINGIN
Tubes watched in the kitchen PENNE
TV Land Groundbreaking Show awardee ASNER
Two after ''sew'' in a ''Sound of Music'' song TEA
Union contract specification BASEWAGE
Very clever INSPIRED
Western union NATO
What Forerunner watches have GPS
What high schoolers sometimes get free PERIODS
What Martha Stewart braises with mustard vinaigrette ENDIVE
What TS Eliot was turned down for WWI
Wildflower habitat FEN
World's largest ethnic group (1+ billion) HAN
Yawn-inducing OLDHAT
Yogurt or oatmeal THICKENINGAGENT
Yucca relative AGAVE
__ something ONTO