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Clues Answers
“Brother, can you spare ___?” ADIME
“Late in the Day” novelist Hadley TESSA
“Steppenwolf” author HESSE
“Tears in Heaven” singer Clapton ERIC
“Time in a Bottle” singer CROCE
’Vette option TTOP
Airbnb.com, say? CRASHSITE
Ancient Andean INCAN
Annoying cloud GNATS
As a substitute (of) INLIEU
Athlete on a 2005 U.S. stamp ASHE
Atlas expanses SEAS
Ayn Rand or Anne Rice, e.g PENNAME
Bad mark for Hester Prynne SCARLETA
Barter offer on Craigslist? TRADINGPOST
Blood fluids SERA
Bothers NAGSAT
Bygone theaters RKOS
Carrots and radishes, e.g ROOTCROPS
Causes of some phone beeps ALERTS
Change for a five ONES
Cinches or clinches ENSURES
Clan chief THANE
Client data at Match.com? SINGLEFILE
Composer Webern ANTON
Computer that originally ran Mac OS 8.6 IBOOK
Computer whiz GEEK
Conservationist Fossey DIAN
Cookie containers TINS
Criminal, in cop jargon PERP
Deep pink MELON
Discussion forum on Kickstarter? BREADBOARD
Drink brand with Offshore Breeze and Tsunami flavors SOBE
Drip solutions SALINES
Enjoy the banquet DINE
Epinephrine-secreting gland ADRENAL
Explorer who speaks Spanish DORA
Extra NBA or NFL periods OTS
Famed loch NESS
Future J.D.’s hurdle LSAT
Garment with straps BRA
Gentlemen’s partners LADIES
Get ready PREP
Get ready for an exam, perhaps STRIP
Gets into WEARS
Gives a hard time RAGSON
Glitch on Expedia? TRAVELBUG
Guitarist Van Halen EDDIE
Habituates ENURES
Hand-held cutter SABERSAW
Headed toward MADEFOR
Hemmed and ___ HAWED
Hopeful hit SIDEA
Hula movers HIPS
Impresses appreciably AWES
International money EURO
Isla de la Juventud is part of it CUBA
It might be sticky BUN
Japanese drum TAIKO
Judicial taboo BIAS
Kiwi’s neighbor AUSSIE
Knot again RETIE
Landscaper’s tool EDGER
Like a windbag GASSY
Clues Answers
Mag for execs INC
Malware on Google Maps? EARTHWORM
Matching SAME
Mazda models MIATAS
Mormon letters LDS
Music to a masseur’s ears AAH
Neglected state LIMBO
New corp. hires MBAS
Old World deer ROES
Olympian with a helmet ARES
Palindromic pop group ABBA
Palooka OAF
Parisian possessive SES
Perplexing problem POSER
Physicist Rutherford ERNEST
Place for a pilot STOVE
Plane divider AISLE
Play-by-play coverage on NFL.com? DOWNSTREAM
Pop in the microwave ZAP
Porgy’s love BESS
Programming instructions for WebMD? HEALTHCODE
Punk’s Johnny, Dee Dee or Joey RAMONE
Purveyors of pints PUBS
Put in a stake ANTED
Queeg’s command CAINE
Realizes ATTAINS
Revolutionary Allen ETHAN
Rich vein LODE
Rwandan people TUTSI
School since 1440 ETON
Settings of “Hogan’s Heroes” and “The Great Escape” STALAGS
Shipping hazard BERG
Shortage NEED
Shortcut to JimmyDean.com? SAUSAGELINK
Snoring in the funny pages ZEES
Snow prized by skiers POWDER
Software, for short APPS
Some answers NOS
Some answers YESSES
Sponsorship AEGIS
Spout RANT
Start for cop or car RENTA
Steamed dish TAMALE
Sticking point? CRAW
Strike caller UMP
Strike with great force SMITE
Strong dislike AVERSION
Subsequently AFTER
Sugar bowl marchers ANTS
Supermarket worker PRICER
Times gone by ERAS
Timeworn truisms ADAGES
Tonic’s partner GIN
Torvald’s wife in “A Doll’s House” NORA
Twilled fabric SERGE
University VIP DEAN
Up’s partner ABOUT
Vacation spot CAPE
Vigorous exertions ENERGIES
Vincent’s agent on “Entourage” ARI
Waldorf salad ingredient APPLE
Where the deer and the antelope play RANGE
Words from somebody with a weak hand IPASS
Words of praise ODE
Writer Shelby STEELE
Yellow stick OLEO