The Sun - Two Speed - Oct 31 2020

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Clues Answers
Agony PAIN
Aromatic ointment BALSAM
As overcast nights STARLESS
Aspiration AMBITION
Be empathetic RELATE
Black ships initially without crew? STARLESS
Bright galactic patches NEBULAE
British to grant vote BALLOT
Clouds in strange blue area in northeast NEBULAE
Consumes EATS
Crawler busy worker let out BEETLE
Deserving respect ADMIRABLE
Drab setting for hospital vessel DINGHY
Dutch bloom TULIP
Election document BALLOT
French bread causing anguish PAIN
Gambol ROMP
Good chap in love with tasty bird OSTRICH
Grossly overweight OBESE
Heart-rending PITEOUS
Large flightless creature OSTRICH
Light rowing boat DINGHY
Maybe Gatwick Express connects to harbour AIRPORT
Ointment makes mark on light wood BALSAM
One employed to serve purpose in trade BARTENDER
Clues Answers
Pathetic tie-up so badly arranged PITEOUS
Poor BBC owe Natural Network COBWEB
Praiseworthy naval officer, English, penning book ADMIRABLE
Pub worker BARTENDER
Public vehicle BUS
Reportedly foul resting-place? ROOST
Romeo meets old politician in play ROMP
Rugby forward PROP
Set off from school in time DETONATE
Set piece player involved in scrum PROP
Spider's matrix COBWEB
Strange moan drowns fragment I dream AMBITION
Strength POWER
Such a person has much to lose OBESE
Takes in tea brewed by son EATS
Tell back-story in Bible class RELATE
Tennis winner ACE
This from bulb lit up amazingly TULIP
Transport hub AIRPORT
U-boat turned up as transport BUS
Unbeatable service from expert ACE
Unique individual RAREBIRD
Unusual person breaks barrier with Germany RAREBIRD
Wartime prisoner meeting monarch might POWER