The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27808

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Clues Answers
A royal flag from the east African land ERITREA
Bad actor, trashed, promises to return ready ATROCIOUS
Bill's extra procedure in court accusation service charge
Communicate what wrong answer may do get across
Design pencilled in, an elementary machine inclined plane
French here penning in rebellious Brits ICENI
Heard on EastEnders, very cultural feature EYEBROW
Hostelry I call chaotic with rules for everyone public law
Husband wearing tops or leather clothing CHAPS
In Celsius, one divides hot and cold CHIC
Join head of retail bank TIER
Leader with due deference to me PACESETTER
Left-winger, but not a wet MOIST
Marsh is often seen by this tree NGAIO
Clues Answers
Material obtained from dollar sign BUCKRAM
Monkey stopping to beat one set of drums TIMPANI
National football team maintaining king's backing ISRAELI
Native American trails outside of Edmonton in shade INDIGENOUS
Not half hard-up, money's in cash one's blown HARMONICA
Old Henry, a soldier, forced back Amerindian ARAPAHO
Prediction heard if warning players weather forecast
Start to chase a red squirrel away CACHE
Statesman Berliner once beheaded RUSSIAN
Strong beast with three feet lifted junk DRAYHORSE
Teacher back in classroom? I see teacher returning greeting MAHARISHI
This person's given a subsidy, turning up Asian art ORIGAMI
Without notice, plans ambush in grand retinue ladies-in-waiting
Woke clutching auntie, oddly, in fear PANIC