The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,277 - Oct 29 2020

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Clues Answers
A beauty has boss and I overwhelmed by lust HUMDINGER
After refurbishment, Chinese restaurant at first improves ENRICHES
Amount produced revealed change OUTTURN
Biscuit that's new behind unopened sponge cakes, filling hole GINGERSNAP
Bony thing, angle on figure by the sound of it? COCCYX
Candies and chocolates and others: source of all of those? CACAO
Caution shown when playing king, fearful scoundrel nicking it? YELLOW
Flower and rotten nut they leave on stage EXEUNT
Fugitive better protected by witness after heading for Egypt ESCAPEE
Get back on with success RECOUP
Highland castle, central part opening, we hear? CAWDOR
In Potsdam, I design pots! AMID
Old trainer in ring made of metal, iron LIONTAMER
Pay cut with last of cheques in post, frantic ATONESWITSEND
Picture puzzle endures, did you say, on mural, fancifully? WHERES
Clues Answers
Revealing garment, quick way to dress topless crime writer MANKINI
See 20 WALLY
See 4 CARD
Shrimpy shrimp went WEEWEED
Social life oddly uplifting for life form on Venus? FLYTRAP
Square peg moved then to practise intuitive approach quickly, so to speak? NINETEEN
Sudden flood of arrivals ruins new hospital INRUSH
Test of right and left, all characters on the far left ORAL
Third note, then second note MEMO
Travesty reversed in perfect game for children MINECRAFT
Vale on borders of Cymru, reportedly? SEEYOU
Very old woman said to predict failure in honest spy PYTHONESS
Where servers cut, machine with battery dead CARVERY