Universal - Oct 28 2020

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Clues Answers
"Enough ___!" SAID
"Frozen" snow queen ELSA
"Little Fires Everywhere" actress Washington KERRY
1836 siege site ALAMO
Annoying person TWIT
Aries or Capricorn SIGN
Bag for potatoes SACK
Be patient for AWAIT
Biden debated her in 2008 PALIN
Big Mac component PATTY
Brazen boldness GALL
Comics reporter Starr BRENDA
D.C. insider POL
Equip with new gear REFIT
Fairy tale meanie OGRE
Falcon's gripper TALON
Fan's opposite HATER
Fashion magazine since 1945 ELLE
Fat in some biscuits LARD
Fill the tank GASUP
Fleet-footed avian EMU
Furry "Star Wars" creature EWOK
Gain through merit EARN
Gardener's bagful SOIL
Get fresh with SASS
Golfer's shirt, often POLO
Gray with age HOARY
Greenish-blue hue TEAL
Had to pay OWED
Hanging Halloween decoration SKELETON
Hot, like Tabasco sauce PEPPERY
Hot, twisty snack SOFTPRETZEL
Huffy state SNIT
Industry moguls CZARS
King's address SIRE
Least refined CRUDEST
Leave high and dry STRAND
Like excellent pastrami LEAN
Lose one's cool RAGE
Clues Answers
Lot purchase AUTO
Many a tailless primate APE
Material for a swirly marble AGATE
Mattress size TWIN
Narrow valley GLEN
Not at all cloudy FAIR
Obligation DUTY
One of an MLB quartet UMP
One who wouldn't hurt a fly GENTLESOUL
Permanent marker brand SHARPIE
Prefix with "trust" or "rust" ANTI
Proofreader's "leave it in" STET
Putt distance units FEET
Reflexology resort SPA
Rudd of "Ant-Man" PAUL
Scarecrow's wish, in Oz BRAIN
Short squabbles SPATS
Sign of the future PORTENT
Skin softener ingredient ALOE
Something to "damn with" FAINTPRAISE
Southeast Asian capital HANOI
Spew forth EMIT
Take in or let out ALTER
Talk gibberish PRATE
Their teeth may be sharpened SAWS
Toddler's "piggies" TOES
Town ___ (early newsperson) CRIER
Try to prevent a sinking BAIL
Under attack from all sides BESIEGED
Undesirable or desirable jeans features RIPS
Unhealthily pale PASTY
Victor's cry IWIN
Vindictive feeling SPITE
Well-put APT
What an inconspicuous person keeps LOWPROFILE
Wine taster's asset PALATE
Yield to gravity SAG
___ Schwab LES
___-day (recent or present) LATTER