Universal - Oct 26 2020

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Clues Answers
"Aladdin" antagonist JAFAR
"Borealis" opener AURORA
"Bronze" or "Iron" follower AGE
"Even so ..." ANDYET
"He ___ Man Enough" (Toni Braxton song) WASNT
"I thought so!" AHA
$100 bills, in dated slang CNOTES
Actress Catherine ___-Jones ZETA
Acts as storyteller SPINSAYARN
Apple on Apple Music FIONA
Burden LOAD
Catchall abbr ETC
Cleaning cloth RAG
Colorful glacial feature BLUEICE
Come out in the open EMERGE
Dark solar patch SUNSPOT
Debtor's letters IOU
Doesn't miss? SEES
Droplet from exercising BEADOFSWEAT
Emma who played Meg March in "Little Women" WATSON
Exercise unit REP
Factual TRUE
Fermented soybean paste MISO
Five times six THIRTY
Former name of Muhammad Ali CASSIUSCLAY
Former space station MIR
Fury IRE
Gender-neutral pronoun THEM
Gets out of bed ARISES
Gets to voice an opinion HASASAY
Golf course warning FORE
Greek mythological figures GODS
Hamilton/Burr confrontation DUEL
Hardens (oneself) STEELS
He traded his birthright for lentil stew ESAU
Hindu scripture TANTRA
Irked, with "off" TEED
Legal order WRIT
Clues Answers
Lending them doesn't require giving anything away EARS
Make into law ENACT
Metaphor for monotony RUT
Micronesian island country PALAU
Noted Vatican City resident PONTIFF
Odds' partner ENDS
Often-baked pasta ZITI
One-named model who co-wrote "The Beauty of Color" IMAN
Only state with a swallowtail flag OHIO
Pack (down) TAMP
Parisian friend AMI
Part of www WIDE
Plant secretion RESIN
Prefix for "body" or "biotic" ANTI
Prius maker TOYOTA
Prolonged attack SIEGE
Puppy sounds YAPS
Ram constellation ARIES
Roma's country ITALIA
Sandwich served with tzatziki sauce GYRO
Send payment REMIT
Shrek, for example OGRE
Sly, or an alternate title for this puzzle? CRAFTY
Speak to a crowd ORATE
Surgeons' workplaces, briefly ORS
Tack on ADD
Test for an aspiring Ph.D., maybe GRE
Tiny amount IOTA
Tiny amount of smoke WISP
Trace of color TINGE
Type of professor ADJUNCT
Watch, as a campfire TEND
Website selling custom Halloween costumes ETSY
Wet dirt MUD
___-fi SCI
___: The Gathering (collectible card game) MAGIC