- Oct 26 2020

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Clues Answers
''. . . and all __ jazz'' THAT
''For shame!'' TSK
''How long has it __?'' BEEN
''It's clear now'' ISEE
''Recent'' prefix for natal NEO
''See ya later!'' TATA
''The buck stops __'' HERE
100-yard race DASH
A Great Lake ERIE
Aid and __ (assist in crime) ABET
Air Force locations BASES
Avoid, as a crisis AVERT
Back of a boat STERN
Blog entry POST
Buckle up, as a seat belt FASTEN
By way of, on an itinerary VIA
Carryall bags TOTES
Carve a design into glass ETCH
Change for a $5 bill ONES
Color of overcast skies GRAY
Cooking appliance STOVE
Cooled with cubes ICED
Delay until a later time DEFER
Dishonest imitation SHAM
Egotistical VAIN
Emcee's opening speech INTRO
Female choral voice ALTO
Female hoopsters' org WNBA
Give off, as light EMIT
Give permission for ALLOW
Hawaiian porch LANAI
Helicopter blade ROTOR
Hot-day basking at a beach SUNBATHING
Improve with time, as wine AGE
Ink smear BLOT
Installs, as a carpet LAYS
Lambs' mothers EWES
Line on a list ITEM
Locations SITES
Clues Answers
Long look STARE
Maximum speed on a road LIMIT
Natural bandage SCAB
Nebraska city OMAHA
Neglected to, for short DIDNT
Nightfall DUSK
NNW opposite SSE
Not married UNWED
One more than one TWO
Optimistic feeling HOPE
Out of town this week AWAY
Performance with sopranos OPERA
Place to park a car LOT
Possess HAVE
Prayer-ending word AMEN
Prefix meaning ''opposed to'' ANTI
Puts into service USES
Rainy-day viewing of funny TV shows WATCHINGSITCOMS
Reduces one's speed SLOWS
Refuse to compromise INSIST
Religious splinter group SECT
Sign of the future OMEN
Smack, as a housefly SWAT
Small boat that's paddled CANOE
Story from Aesop FABLE
Sweater style with an angled cut VNECK
Taj Mahal's country INDIA
Tattered and __ (raggedy) TORN
Toward sunrise EAST
TV industry award EMMY
Typical result NORM
Unexpected victories UPSETS
Valentine's Day emotion LOVE
Very long car, for short LIMO
Volcano's outflow LAVA
Wall Street market: Abbr NYSE
Was dressed in WORE
Windy-day playing with a toy in the air KITEFLYING
__-in-cheek (insincere) TONGUE