The Sun - Two Speed - Oct 26 2020

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Clues Answers
Account subtraction DEBIT
Agreement to put new tent in central Greece ENTENTE
Aromatic herb MINT
Backbiter? MOLAR
Bamboozle DUPE
Be likely to cross river in general direction TREND
Boisterous ROWDY
Chicken or canary? YELLOW
Chief in some confusion ANARCHY
Chump expected to seize power DUPE
Club employee BOUNCER
Corrosive liquid ACID
Cowardly YELLOW
Criminal amazingly ready to surround island YARDIE
Defense Department gives figure PENTAGON
Degenerate having a souvenir ATROPHY
Diplomatic accord ENTENTE
Dramatist sent up in Osborne's biography IBSEN
Explosive cavalry assault CHARGE
Five-sided polygon PENTAGON
Foreign ALIEN
Gangway AISLE
Go before PRECEDE
Grinding tooth MOLAR
Hard to control in arrow dynamics ROWDY
Immaculate room in town houses MINT
Jamaican gangster YARDIE
Clues Answers
Keira is expected to keep Jack up RAISE
Latest society model in media report NEWSCAST
Lead and quietly withdraw PRECEDE
Lively ball requires tough doorman BOUNCER
Look now round GB for archer? LONGBOW
Medieval weapon LONGBOW
Military force ARMY
Norwegian playwright IBSEN
Ornamental climber CLEMATIS
Passage yours truly will read aloud AISLE
Plant in changed climate succeeded CLEMATIS
Put Dicky in unusual transport RAPTURE
Renovate REVAMP
Rush forward CHARGE
Severely reprimand CHASTISE
Sharp Conservative cuts benefit ACID
Silly Blairite has no time for country LIBERIA
Socialite with appeal makes deduction DEBIT
Soldiers Mary treated ARMY
Speak falsely to stop an outsider ALIEN
State of disorder ANARCHY
TV bulletin NEWSCAST
Update minister and answer politician REVAMP
Waste away ATROPHY
West African nation LIBERIA
Whip: it's raised in hunting CHASTISE