New York Times - Oct 26 2020

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Clues Answers
'Amen to that!' IAGREE
'Believe me now?' SEE
'Brrr!' IMCOLD
'Fingers crossed!' IHOPE
'No sweat!' EASY
'Should that be the case ...' IFSO
'That ___ a close one!' WAS
1980s gaming console, in brief NES
500 sheets of paper REAM
A physicist or a fashion designer might work with one MODEL
Actress Mendes EVA
Apt command to an 18-, 28- or 47-Across GETCRACKING
Brainstorming output IDEA
Close by NEAR
Collectible animation frame CEL
Conclusion a die-hard might stay for BITTEREND
Cross-promotion TIEIN
Department store that once had a noted catalog SEARS
Digitize, in a way SCAN
Edible casing in a stir-fry PEAPOD
Everyone ALL
Farm enclosure PEN
Fitness coach TRAINER
Goddess who lent her name to the capital of Greece ATHENA
Gran Canaria or Mallorca, por ejemplo ISLA
Half-___ (java order) CAF
Hall-of-Famer Banks a.k.a. 'Mr. Cub' ERNIE
Headings in a playbill ACTS
Health professional who has your back? CHIROPRACTOR
Hilo hello ALOHA
Hombre-to-be, perhaps MUCHACHO
Home made of hides TEPEE
Home that may be made of logs CABIN
Hoppy beer choice, briefly IPA
Idris of TV's 'Luther' ELBA
Item rolled to the curb for a pickup TRASHCAN
Joint below the knee ANKLE
Karl who co-wrote a manifesto MARX
Clues Answers
Like deserts and some humor DRY
Mortise's counterpart TENON
Narrow cut SLIT
New Jersey's ___ Hall University SETON
Nicotine source, informally CIG
Numbers for sports analysts STATS
One reading secret messages CODEBREAKER
One-named singer of 2011's 'Someone Like You' ADELE
Org. that might ask you to remove your shoes TSA
Orthodontic device SPACER
Peculiar ODD
Penultimate word in many fairy tales EVER
Person equal to you PEER
Pleasant smell AROMA
Point of connection NEXUS
Professional joke teller STANDUPCOMIC
Quick races DASHES
Quite cunning SLYASAFOX
Revise, as text EDIT
Sealy competitor SERTA
Set to zero, as a scale TARE
Singer Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Swiss Army ___ KNIFE
Target of a camper's scalp-to-toe inspection TICK
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
The 'murder hornet' is one WASP
Title woman in songs by the Beatles and the Spinners SADIE
Try to unearth DIGAT
Went on, as errands RAN
Wise sayings ADAGES
Words to live by CREDO
Yellow flowers in the primrose family OXLIPS
___ sauce (sushi condiment) SOY
___ Vegas LAS
___ vera (cream ingredient) ALOE
___-Ball SKEE