New York Times - Oct 25 2020

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Clues Answers
'30 Rock' was inspired by it, for short SNL
'As I Lay Dying' father ANSE
'Critique of Pure Reason' philosopher KANT
'Evil Woman' group, for short ELO
'It's Raining ___' MEN
'Of course I remember you!,' often LIE
'This minute!' ASAP
'United States of ___,' show for which Toni Collette won an Emmy TARA
... Frankenstein had ___ AVARIETYOFPARTS
... the critics loved the witch's performance, ___ WARTSANDALL
... the ghost had ___ NOBODYTOACTWITH
... the mummy was a hit ___ ATTHEWRAPPARTY
... the skeleton gave a ___ BAREBONESRENDITION
... the vampire never ___ REFLECTEDONHISROLE
AM radio abbr KHZ
Amazon, for one ETAILER
Appreciative cry MYHERO
Apt thing to wear during allergy season? ASHOE
Arrive unnoticed SLIPIN
Article of Cologne? DAS
Artoo-___ DETOO
At the Halloween play, when the black cat appeared, the ___ AUDIENCEHISSED
Bassoon attachment REED
Belle of a ball DEB
Bibliography abbr ETAL
Billy in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame JOEL
Blanket that's worn SERAPE
Bone: Prefix OSSE
Bradley or Patton: Abbr GENL
Capital of Samoa APIA
Capone contemporary NITTI
Card's place: Abbr STL
Cassandra, for one TROJAN
Celebration of a life, for short OBIT
Certain Bach compositions MOTETS
Citrus fruit with a portmanteau name TANGELO
Clouds (up) FOGS
Collectibles like ticket stubs and matchbooks EPHEMERA
Common sight at a cash-only bar ATM
Component of béchamel sauce ROUX
Cow, in Cádiz VACA
Do another take of RETAPE
Dragon roll ingredient EEL
Enemy of Bowser in video games MARIO
Fashioned MADE
Fatty tuna, in Japanese cuisine TORO
Final destination, perhaps POINTB
Finish with ENDIN
Fitting anagram of ANGER + E ENRAGE
Follow closely, as the curb HUG
Formal admission ITWASI
Fr. religious title STE
French towns VILLES
Friendly WARM
G.I.'s chow MRE
Gadget that once came with a click wheel IPOD
Glasses, in slang SPEX
Glassy square? PANE
Glossy gown fabric SATEEN
Good thing to make or break PAR
Great Lake name HURON
Gymnastics event RINGS
Have the final word SAYSO
Heartburn relief brand MYLANTA
Hit ABC dating show, with 'The' BACHELOR
Homes staffed with butlers, say MANORS
Hooded jacket ANORAK
Clues Answers
In the style of ALA
Indiana city that's 100 miles west of Lima, Ohio PERU
It gained its independence from Ethiopia in 1991 ERITREA
It might be pale or amber ALE
It might start with 'I-': Abbr RTE
Joyce Carol with two O. Henry Awards OATES
Late-night host Meyers SETH
Lead-in to phobia ACRO
Lentil, e.g SEED
Like royal flushes RARE
Like some Coast Guard rescues AIRSEA
Long haul TREK
More crafty FOXIER
Mortar = sand + water + ___ CEMENT
Most common English letter, in Morse code DOT
Most common U.S. street name, surprisingly SECOND
Museum offering TOUR
Music producer Gotti IRV
No-go area, in brief DMZ
Not up ABED
Number of sides on a hendecagon ELEVEN
Objective AIM
Old-timey title SIRE
One of the kids on 'Stranger Things' LUCAS
One of two for a tee ARMHOLE
Oscar winner Dern LAURA
Pale WAN
Pitcher Satchel in the Baseball Hall of Fame PAIGE
Poster heading WANTED
Prepare, as mushrooms SAUTE
Produce on a farm GROW
Quaint 'not' NARY
Really bother GNAWAT
Record speed, for short RPM
Reposed SLEPT
Rip (on) RAG
Ruler divisions: Abbr MMS
Scarecrow portrayer BOLGER
Send emojis, say TEXT
She raised Cain EVE
Simple shelter LEANTO
Slumps SAGS
Snapple competitor NESTEA
Sound of a candy wrapper CRINKLE
Source of some tweets AVIARY
Source of stress for a returning vacationer EMAILS
Southern shade trees LIVEOAKS
Spam filter, of a sort CALLERID
Spy's collection INTEL
Stop, in France ARRET
Superfan ACOLYTE
Them's fighting words! ENGARDE
Them's fighting words! ITSWAR
Tickled GLAD
Tidy up ... or make less tidy DUST
Title for Emma Bovary: Abbr MME
Tot's spot in a lot CARSEAT
Try to make out PEERAT
Two of Us? ITEM
Vexation IRE
Vocal critics HATERS
What you're doing at every moment AGING
Will matter ESTATE
With skill ABLY
___ ark NOAHS
___ Jeffries, chair of the House Democratic Caucus HAKEEM
___ vez (again, in Spanish) OTRA