The Washington Post - Oct 24 2020

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Clues Answers
'The Alienist' network TNT
'They DO look alike' ISEEIT
'Transparent' actress Kathryn HAHN
'When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie' emotion AMORE
'Where __ you?' WERE
'Yes?' AND
Actress Russo RENE
Adichie novel that won the 2013 National Book Critics Circle Award AMERICANAH
Agrarian RURAL
Ancient theater ODEON
Apple co-founder's nickname WOZ
Big name in romance fiction STEEL
Boundary at the 38th parallel, for short DMZ
Captain or a fish NEMO
Caught up with, sizewise GREWINTO
Charitable gift TITHE
Cheese named for a Netherlands town EDAM
Classic Ford TBIRD
Cognizant of ONTO
Containers for some fragile goods EGGCRATES
Country with a 26-year Grace period? MONACO
Decamp, e.g EXIT
Did nothing SATTHERE
Disputed Mideast strip GAZA
Emmy nominee who plays Van on 'Atlanta' ZAZIEBEETZ
Feathers PLUMES
Floor STUN
Former Starbucks tea TAZO
Garbage disposal goal ZEROWASTE
Give a 'G,' say RATE
Heaven-sent DIVINE
Hoover, for one DAM
Hyperbolic wait time EON
Inbox pileup EMAIL
It's celebrated with a blue-, pink- and white-striped flag TRANSPRIDE
Clues Answers
June 11 Hawaiian honoree KAMEHAMEHA
Kit __ KAT
Masked drama NOH
Matching TWIN
Most-visited British art museum TATEMODERN
Nickelodeon parent VIACOM
Not fresh anymore GETTINGOLD
Olympic city whose opening ceremony included a 'Swan Lake' performance SOCHI
One concerned with appearances IMAGECONSULTANT
Organic food label term NONGMO
Pencil, barely NUB
Pickle serving SPEAR
Pinnacle CREST
Polish, in a way EDIT
Pro __ TEM
Responds to, as intelligence ACTSON
Ring sites TOES
Rugby team SIDE
Sappho's island LESBOS
Site of a historic 1914 waterway opening PANAMA
Sixth Greek letter ZETA
Skating jumps LUTZES
Small container TIN
Sometimes controversial message TWEET
Stage accusation ETTU
Threat in 1998's 'Deep Impact' COMET
To a ridiculous extent ADABSURDUM
Took the loss ATEIT
Trickster SCAMP
Tyrrhenian Sea resort CAPRI
Wayfarer NOMAD
Whaler's direction THAR
Word for a guy HIM
__ loss ATA
__ Macedonia NORTH