Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - Nov 8 2020

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Clues Answers
"Backdraft" director Howard RON
"Canvas" for a tattoo SKIN
"How awful!" OHNO
"Peer Gynt" dramatist IBSEN
"Qué —?" PASA
"The Newlywed Game" host Bob EUBANKS
"Wilson" actress Laura DERN
'80s sitcom ALF
Absorbed RAPT
Actor Wilson OWEN
Actress Irene DUNNE
Africa's Amin IDI
Age, as cheese RIPEN
Almanac item FACT
Animation frames CELS
Artificial cave GROTTO
At a snail's pace PAINFULLYSLOW
Basketballer Ming YAO
Beautiful PRETTY
Belfry dweller BAT
Big bush bird EMU
Big hack attack CYBERWAR
Big vases URNS
Biggest city in Australia SYDNEY
Blackish wood EBONY
Boundless VAST
Brazilian rain forest region AMAZONIA
Brewer's fungus YEAST
Brick-baking oven KILN
Capital of Egypt CAIRO
Cardinal, e.g RED
Cardinals, e.g TEAM
Chubby FAT
Clan-related TRIBAL
Corrida calls OLES
Crescentlike objects LUNETTES
Deeply felt INTENSE
Defective BAD
Defensive tackle Warren SAPP
Did a 180 REVERSED
Drinking water additive FLUORIDE
Enumerate LIST
Ethereal AIRY
Fail to catch MISS
Failed to DIDNT
Fallback strategy PLANB
Final, e.g TEST
Finale END
First coat of paint PRIMER
Flying Solo HAN
Hiatus GAP
Hidden way out in a haunted house SECRETEXIT
Hitter Hank AARON
Hold in check RESTRAIN
Homer's H ETA
Hopping mad IRATE
Idolize REVERE
Illinois town west of Chicago GRANDDETOUR
In the thick of AMIDST
Inflated sense of self EGO
Innocent NAIVE
Iris' layer UVEA
Is in debt OWES
Jungle lairs DENS
Kagan of the Supreme Court ELENA
Lace-receiving hole EYELET
Lanka lead-in SRI
Like many a sr. citizen RET
Like people heeding seven key words in this puzzle BEHINDTHEWHEEL
Like ultra-lite food NOCAL
Clues Answers
Long dashes EMS
Lousy review PAN
Make — for oneself ANAME
Medium, e.g SIZE
Mongol invaders TATARS
Mystery writer Deighton LEN
Napoli's country ITALIA
Negative MINUS
Neophytes TYROS
Nudniks TWERPS
Office fill-in TEMP
Old-style messager TELEX
OPEC liquid OIL
Organ knob imparting a striking sound PERCUSSIONSTOP
Orlando locale FLORIDA
Pakistani language URDU
Passing mark CEE
PC program tool for automating batches of invitations, say PRINTMERGE
Persona IMAGE
Pisa's river ARNO
Plants seeds SOWS
Plays spiritedly ROMPS
Pop singer Lopez TRINI
Popular type option ARIAL
Popularity boost after appearing on satirist Stephen's old show COLBERTBUMP
Portray DEPICT
Quark or pion PARTICLE
Quarterback Manning PEYTON
Ratio of a stock share's return to its price DIVIDENDYIELD
Reaction to an awful pun GROAN
Reimburse REPAY
Remove, as a 105-Down UNTIE
Road semis RIGS
Salad green ENDIVE
Sauna wrap TOWEL
Savage sort BEAST
Savings acct. protector FDIC
Shell games SCAMS
Shipping box CRATE
Shoelace problem KNOT
Sidestep EVADE
Singer Mariah CAREY
Singer Reba MCENTIRE
Sleep sound SNORE
Sloppy Joe holder BUN
Small bill ONE
Snarky SNIDE
Sooner than ERE
Sticky stuff PASTE
Streamlined, in brief AERO
Studio stand EASEL
Sty dweller PIG
Sudden forward thrust LUNGE
Suffix with 12-Down ISM
Swallowed up ENGULFED
Tart pie fruit LIME
Totally understand, informally GROK
Track shape OVAL
Turtle in a Dr. Seuss title YERTLE
Tylenol rival ALEVE
UPS deliveries: Abbr PKGS
Walking stick CANE
Willow or oak TREE
Willy Wonka creator Dahl ROALD
Win a point SCORE
Work force STAFF
Worker finishing furniture STAINER
Zoned (out) SPACED
— -been HAS