Universal - Oct 21 2020

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Clues Answers
"Blindspot" network NBC
"Farewell, mon ami" ADIEU
"For" vote YEA
"Here, I don't want this" TAKEIT
"Roses are ___ ..." RED
"When They See Us" director DuVernay AVA
*"Cocoon" Oscar winner (unscramble letters 3 to 5) DONAMECHE
*"Jurassic Park" star (2 to 4) SAMNEILL
*Gomer Pyle portrayer (3 to 5) JIMNABORS
*Noted Spanish surrealist (3 to 5) JOANMIRO
18 or 21, say OFAGE
2004 film set in 2035 IROBOT
A round of drinks may go on one TAB
All together ASONE
Any of 11 pharaohs RAMSES
Belt maker's tool AWL
Biblical peak MTARARAT
Blows away AWES
Boy, in Barcelona NINO
Bushy bloomer DAHLIA
Carrying cargo LADEN
Cartoon shriek EEK
Change collector at a bar TIPJAR
Check recipient? BOX
Console modeled in a 2020 Lego set NES
Dark or light bread RYE
Dating profile blurb BIO
Deep anxiety ANGST
Demings in the House VAL
Football six-pointers: Abbr TDS
Grew rapidly BOOMED
Guy who has transformed ... or any of the starred answers, based on their indicated letters? ACHANGEDMAN
Haggard of country MERLE
Have a loan from OWETO
Highest, on a diploma SUMMA
In a bind? TIEDDOWN
Ingrid's "Casablanca" role ILSA
Invigorating force? NEWBLOOD
Clues Answers
Jason's vessel ARGO
Jazz great James ETTA
Lead-in to "physics" ASTRO
LGA baggage screeners TSA
Lorna ___ DOONE
Maker of many arcade classics ATARI
Maritime shipping channel SEALANE
Miso bowlful SOUP
No, in Russian NYET
One taking pleasure in pain SADIST
Opposite of depart ARRIVE
Overcharge by a lot GOUGE
Park in NYC, e.g AVE
Pave the ___ WAY
Period of social change named for a hashtag METOOERA
Permitted by law LEGAL
PlayStations and such SONYS
Prayer ending AMEN
Protected place to moor HARBOR
Raining hard? SLEETY
Resources that may contain copper ORES
Say "I win, you lose," say GLOAT
Scrooge's exclamation BAH
Skunk's defense ODOR
Sound from a merino BAA
Space invaders, briefly ETS
Squad that films a show TVCREW
State seal text MOTTO
Strip (of) DIVEST
Surprised cry OHO
Texter's "More than I care to know!" TMI
Thumb of folklore TOM
Trade shows EXPOS
Used a stopwatch TIMED
Validation PROOF
What half the letters in "twenty" spell TEN
WWII flag-raising site IWOJIMA
___ Appetit BON